Monday, November 16, 2009

Just pictures

There are new pictures of Danica's shelter's tenants. Various various poses...doing various kitty things...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sugi is better

Hallo dear friends and donors,

I have not posted for quite some time for my 11 year old son was pretty sick - apparently swine flu! But, thank God, he is a healthy boy, so he just had to go through it, and pull himself without any special medicine, and he did!

Sugi is much, much better, and his skin is healing . Little Milance is , more or less, good, for now. We all know how , from time to time, his little stumps get infected. Danica might have a new donor for some kind of a little device that would help Milance move easier, and not hurt the stumps any longer.

Here is a very special news: Danica is moving the shelter to the countryside! This has been in cooking for several months now, but she did not want to say anything, for she was afraid that it would all fall through the cracks. Well, it did not this time! There is a friend of hers, who does not want to be identified, who recently bought an old house in the country, and is giving it to Danica to use for the shelter, as long as she wants. This is absolutely great news, because the cats will be much, much safer there. It is a very quiet and friendly place, with two neighbors on each side, and not very close, and a lots of fields of corn and flax! The place, however, needs to be fixed in order to house cats, fixed big time. So, whoever can donate, Danica wants you to know that a big portion of the money will go to prepare a news shelter for the kitties , bigger, nicer, and much, much safer(unless some new emergency vet needs).

I will post more new photos tomorrow