Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milance is recovering very slowly

The little one called Milance who had to be operated on again - they had to cut the stump of his leg, so he can not lean against it, is having really hard time getting better. Reminder: one of his stumps was inflamed all the time, and got infected, because there was no muscle .

He cries a lot...At the vet two days ago, when Danica took him for the stitches getting out, he bit Danica really hard, while she was holding him, because of the pain. I asked Danica why did not they gave him some kind of sedation, but she said that it is not good for him to be sedated that often. So, she would rather be bitten.

The incredibly good news (if it materializes), is that he might be adopted in Germany (through a Belgrade connection). It is a long shot - but she will see.

The rest of the pictures are other regular kitties, and, as you can see, a crate full of kittens who are sick (some kind of respiratory infection).

The cost of vet bills has been putting our cat stroller purchase off. However, she will need it very soon - before the winter .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Milance had surgery

Baby Milance without back legs had to be operated on , because one of the stumps repeatedly got hurt from his relying on it. The surgery was pretty hard (and expensive!). He is very weak, and as you can see on one of the pictures, keeps his back little stumps up in the air. Danica is very worried, because, now it will take him a long time to try to find balance again and (somehow) walk.

Apparently, a lady from Belgrade is trying to find him a permanent, secure and good home, no less then in France!

Poor little Milance.

Chris (the completely white one), has his eye hurt (in a fight with other kitties). He is extremely scared, almost terrified of everything, and his fights are defensive - aggressive. And one cat has a kidney infection. I know, I do not have anything really new to report.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some new photos

I do not have much news, except that Danica has been , I hope, fully recovered from the pneumonia, and that some of the kitties are on the antibiotic therapy - some of them always are! Milance - the little one without back legs, is fine, and very, very playful - it is easy to recognize him on the pictures because he is stretched all the way, he is resting!

Anyway, just new photos, and waiting for my loan to be disbursed, so that I can send a more substantital donation this month.