Thursday, June 28, 2007

Marponi does not get better

Here is an update on the black male cat called Marponi, who is almost ten years old, and who had a mouth/jaw surgery; the fact is, as Danica told me, he does not get much better. The inside of his mouth is still inflamed, and Danica says it looks as if it has gotten little worse recently; you might remember that the vet said if he gets no better within a week of surgery, he should be put to sleep. However, Danica describes how he actually eats, drinks, goes to the litter box regularly, and really, really likes to be cuddled with... and he purrs...and purrs...So she does not feel comfortable with putting him to sleep.
When I notice that he is in pain, I guess I will have to do it, she says.
Here is the latest picture of Marponi. I think one can even guess by the photo that the poor old man is sick, but ...Danica claims she cannot start thinking about putting him to sleep when he still loves to be petted , and while he still purrs when he sees her. Other then that, he really does not like to go out of his little cage and play. He will at least have a peaceful end, after being thrown into street by his old family (Danica thinks he had a family because when she found him, he was neutered)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I made a big mistake...

I talked to Danica today and was quite upset after she had told me that in my last entry I said that she had to put to sleep only one cat since 2003!!! Well, the truth is - she had to put none! Her cats would come to her half dead sometimes , and she would fight for their little lives, until she has spent all the money she had. That is why Danica is in debt now - big one. But, she does not care and she will continue to do all she can to help these poor creatures.

Now , on the lighter note, here are the latest photos of Futka trying to fight the incredible heat - over 40 C - in a very typical cat way. Guess which!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have talked to Danica on the phone today. Money is really scarce, and the guy who used to go to Hungary once a month for different stuff, and also used to bring Danica a lot of cat food and medicine, for half a sum she would have to spend in Novi Sad for that - does not go any more ...Also, two food companies that used to donate her some meat and fish, stopped their donations.
The little money I give her can not cover it, for there is always another surgery or neutering to pay for.
This young fellow, Okac, have had two eye operations already, but now has breathing problems, and his lungs, vet said, are filling with water. It is very important to mention here that in all these years , since Danica has undertaken this effort to provide a shleter for homeless kittties in Novi Sad - she had to put to sleep only ONE cat! She is unbeliavable : I think it is her faith , her unconditional love and devotion, the strength of her nerves, and persistance! She simply fights until all possibilities are explored. But, she says, I had no option. If I can save a cat's life, I will do it.

Anyway, here is little Okac. Very sick. She keeps him inside, because, she is afraid that the kids will hurt him (she hates summer, for all the kids are out in the streets). If you would like to virtually adopt Okac and help pay for his surgery, or if you would consider virtually adopting any of the cats Danica so selfishly cares for - please send me an e mail.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are two little girls, Futka & Tufnica, after they had been neutered. Both of them were found one day in front of Danica's building, as kittens. Tufnica was sick for a long time - she used to vomit and have diarrhea all the time - but finally Danica figured out what might work - human medicine. My friend Adnan from Sarajevo, Bosnia, whose cat had similar problems,simply gave her one quarter of the human diarrha pill every day for a week! It worked. However, Danica could not find the pills in Novi Sad, so Adnan bought it in Sarajevo, and sent it to Danica. It worked with Tufnica too!

Danica has been trying to find permanent homes for these two, but in vain... It is hard to find a good home for a homeless animal.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This little one was found, obviously, very sick and thin, hardly alive. She was a kitten. Danica tried everything to save her, and actualy did bring her into decent form, giving her special food, and extra attention. However, little Dreca (that was her name), was found one day dead near Danica's building. Some kids broke her back, and left her near Danica's garage to make sure Danica will see it. Or maybe they even did not know it was one of Danica's cats, maybe they just knew that Danica takes care of these poor creatures.God bless liitle soul of poor, little Dreca.

Marponi slowly gets better

Danica found Marponi aboout three months ago, and when she saw that he was neutered, she realized that somebody probably kicked him out because of old age. However, when she took him in, she found that he had a serious mouth/teeth problem: most of his teeth were missing, and his mouth was all inflamed inside. After several trips to the vet, she was told he needed a surgery. That cost about $150. - money she did not have. I sent her money, and then little Marponi, who the vet says is about 9 years old, had surgery. Now, he is getting better, but very slowly. Danica keeps him in the cage most of the time, but even when she opens it, he does not come out. Danica told me that the vet had said that, if Marponi does not get better in a week, it would be better to put him to sleep.