Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And also, because it is so sweet and funny: one more video of Augusta & Zvrkitsa:

New videos

...from the shelter. It's amazing how these cats relate to Danica.

The videos, from top to the bottom:

Pukilence, in front of the shelter

Dodjos, a nice male, very sweet disposition, who gets fed, but does not enter the shelter often

Utata - remember her, little new kitten, from this summer. See how grown she is!

Augusta & Zvrkica, in a basket

Friday, September 25, 2009


... I am back, and able to post something! I was away, overseas, and then completely swamped here, with work.

Anyway, let me cut it short: Milance is much better, and the operation is postponed, because he is to be x rayed first, and then the vet surgeon will look at it, and then at him, but, apparently , not soon. Danica was thinking about it for a long time, and she is simply thinking that yet another rushed operation (MIlance had two on his stumps, and one on his tummy), would be too dangerous. In the meantime, there is a chance that Milance is provided some kind of wheels from a handicapped pet foundation here, in the U.S.

The most important, he has finished his strong course of antibiotics, and is feeling much better. Danica keeps an eye on him all the time, because he tends to play a lot when he feels good, and then the whole thing comes around...

Some food was bought on the Hungarian border (where it is cheaper), and I am posting pictures of that day, when the food came.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Milance wants to say Thank you

Dear donors,

Although I personally send a Thank you e mail to every single donor, I just want to say another Thank you to all of you who rushed to send money for Danica's sweet little boy. I also want to say that I will be out of the country for little less then a week, so I will not be able to post,but for updates during that time you can go to Facebook, and type in Milance, or Felix-Mace, and that is where Danica will be posting some news and photos.

In the meantime, here is an update: his open stump is steal healing, and there is no reason for seeing a vet surgeon yet, although Danica is in connection with the Belgrade doctor. She just has to wait, but, it means additional goings to the vet's office, hissing, spitting, screaming, being scared.. If he would just knew that it for his own good, poor little kitty.
There is a chance that he may be donated a kind of kitty wheelchair, through a non profit group form New Hempshire, and Danica has to apply. That would be something!

I am posting the fresh video from the vet ( no peeing or pooping, but a lot of hissing), and a very nice video of him at home, trying to relax in his little cage/bed, and eating crunchies. Other kitties are curious to see their sick friend and they gather around, while Danica does mushy talk to him - very cute.

Again, thank you so, so much, for helping Milance and Danica!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Milance's update

He is still receiving antibiotic treatment , and the surgeon in Belgrade said that he want to wait until Friday's report from the Novi Sad vet, to see when to proceed with the surgery.

In the meantime, the little one is still having really horrible time at the vet, but Danica stresses out that it is not the pain, but the fear.
" He plays at home, as soon as we come back from the vet, he is fine...So I do not think he is in big pain. But, his fear from the vet's office, the smell and the vet is unbearable, both for him, and the staff ", Danica says.

Here are 2 new photos (although they all look alike, because he is almost always resting in his little bedding after vet's visits), and the videos from the two consecutive vet's visits.
Warning: On the first one he peed from fear, and on the other one he pooped, so, maybe some people do not want to see it. Although, it is neither graphic, nor repulsive, it just tells you how poor Milance feels.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Urgent help needed!

Slowly, but surely, one of Milance's legs lost its skin at the end of the stump, and the bone protruded. He was bleeding, and in lot of pain. Danica rushed him to the vet this morning, they had put him on the antibiotic (afraid of the infection), and painkillers, and he is little better now ; however, the vet in Novi Sad said Milance at this point either needs a serious veterinary plastic surgery, or needs to be put to sleep. The vet also said that she is not sure anybody in Serbia can do such operation.

Danica says she can not put him to sleep, and does not have possibility for surgery.

She will take him to the vet in Belgrade on Monday, or Tuesday (her car is broken).

The thing with Milance is, Danica says, that he is very, very shy, hates everybody than Danica, and trust only Danica. He is pure horror to handle at the vet.

"He trusts me so much, and can not put him to sleep, his eyes would probably haunt me till my death", she told me.

I posted three films, and I want to warn you that the first one is hard to watch, when the vet is treating his stump this morning . I can not say it is graphic, they are just trying to help him the best they can, but it is, honestly tough to watch. And he is not a pleasant patient.
The other two are when he was back in his little bedding, calmed.
The photos are all, obviously, after the treatment this morning, at home.