Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love at first sight

Etica has most certainly been through a lot in her life. I have no idea how and when she ended up in a dog and cat shelter that burned to the ground last spring. Most of the kitties died in a fierce blaze and the surviving ones have remained on the site of a fire for almost a month. That shelter was not far from mine and I knew I had to try to rescue as many cats as I could.

The first time I went to pick them up, Etica started following me around and meowing as if she begged me to take her. As I didn’t have enough cat carriers I couldn’t take them all (the sickest cats were given top priorities) so she was left behind. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop thinking of a kitty who sounded so desperate and eager to leave… A day later, I returned to that devastated place and picked up Etica and most of her friends.

It’s been almost a year since that dejected kitty arrived to my shelter yet she is still following me around. She looks far from unhappy now, she seems grateful to be alive and able to enjoy each new day to its fullest. Her life is definitely a life worth living.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A cruel stroke of fate

The world has just ended. The impossible happened. My sweetheart, my angel, my cutie Trcika suddenly passed away. Acutely miserable and racked with sorrow, I now have nothing to hold on to. All that’s left is emptiness.

She was never sick a day in her life. She radiated beauty, joy and strength, shined with her own kind of light. She was loving and sweet as could be. Nothing presaged the tragedy.

I took her to be spayed. For some strange reasons, I was feeling kind of anxious, although it seemed there was nothing to worry about. Spaying is a safe and routine procedure, hundreds of spays are routinely performed in clinics safely each day. Yet I could not shake off my feeling of uneasiness. I wished I could cancel the surgery and keep her home. And now I wonder why I didn’t listen to myself.

To make a long story short, Trcika was given a sedative before receiving general anesthesia. She immediately became cyanotic and unresponsive. Frantic attempts were made to revive her, to no avail. Just like that, she was gone in a flash.

I still can’t believe it ended this way. The vet suspects she had some congenital heart defect. She could not have been saved. Nevertheless, the pain is overwhelming. I have done nothing wrong, yet grief and remorse are unbearable.

I choose to believe that every kitty I’ve ever loved is waiting for me in heaven. That has to be enough.

Rest in peace, my sweetie, gone from my life but never absent from my heart. I am sure we’ll meet again.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Felix kitties have got a webshop!

Felix shelter has opened its own webshop! Profits from all sales go directly to the kitties.

Purchase something special for someone special!

Cat Shelter Felix's store

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Urgent help needed!

All of you remember this last dreadful winter, when Europe, including Serbia was caught in the grip of uncommon deep freeze. My shelter had been cut off by heavy snow for days. By some miracle, the roof and the wire mesh were able to sustain the maximum snow load but haven’t got through the winter unscathed. They’re severely ravaged by an extraordinary amount of ice and snow they were never meant to endure.

We definitely cannot get through another winter like this. Workers are supposed to start repairing a roof and making a concrete backyard this month. The existing concrete surfaces which are cracked and worn out must be removed and replaced. When it rains, water collects and pools in my backyard so extra drainage needs to be added. I am worried sick because of the expanses as these repairs will cost a fortune yet they’re necessary. It all needs to be done, and done now. And again I’m forced to ask for your help, as I cannot do this alone.

As all of you know, my shelter depends on donations entirely. I’m very much aware that most of the people are strapped for money these days, notwithstanding your help is desperately needed. My kitties and I are boundlessly grateful to all of you who support us through these hard times. You truly reinforce the belief that together we can make a difference!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Still stunningly beautiful

Kus Kus came into my life as an adult, with half a tail. I couldn’t be sure what had happened to him while living on the street, yet I guess somebody cut half of his tail off. He was but a shadow of his current self then – bone-thin and dirty, fearful and wary of people.

It didn’t take him long to mellow out and become cuddly and sweet with me. He’s still generally distrustful of unfamiliar people and approaches only those he finds likeable. Although he tolerates other cats he is not very friendly. He refuses to eat in the company of other kitties, so I feed him separately.

It’s been almost 15 years since Kus Kus arrived. He now has FUS and some dental problems, but is easy-going, calm, affectionate and handsome to boot. Safe at my shelter, he is always displaying his love bug personality. He rarely ever gets into mischief and behaves well even at the vet's. It’s hard to imagine that so many years have passed by since I first saw him. He is a senior now, but the sparkle in his beautiful eyes is still the same…

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A loving calico girl

Six years ago, children from neighborhood brought me two tiny baby kittens, which had just barely opened their eyes. Those were Tufnica and her little sister Zunza. I had to hand raise and bottle fed both of them and they were growing pretty fast. At the age of three months they both got sick suddenly and the vet said they had contracted panleukopenia. Zunza, who was weaker and more fragile from the beginning, didn’t make it. Tufnica did.

This calico beauty has always loved people. She had no fear of humans and used to approach everyone. Once a diminutive kitten, she grew up into a strong, healthy, loving kitty. I kept her in my apartment before we moved to the shelter.

Tufnica is really enjoying her life here. She is still extremely friendly and loves being scooped and snuggled. And I can’t feel anything but happy when I see how big and beautiful she has become. Nursing a kitten undoubtedly takes a lot of time and attention, but this dedication is rewarded by a life enriching experience.