Saturday, August 18, 2007

More food, and more fleas

I have not posted anything for a week.

In the meantime,  apart from the flea invasion, the news from the shelter are not bad! It is hard to believe, really: it is usually that someone is very sick, or there is an accident (actually those are not accidents, but violence), or that there is a new kitten or two who need urgent care...Nothing of the sort. Except that Danica is exhausted beyond belief from having to bathe all the cats!!! I am posting the photos of the kitties bathed - wet and extra cranky. But, as I said once before, although they hate it, they never, ever hurt Danica.

The weather has been horrendous in Europe for the last two months: extremely hot and humid. It took toll on Danica's health, and she feels very weak, has constant headaches and palpitations... But, her spirits are pretty much up, and I think primarily because there were donations. Also, Viktor went yet again to Hungary (third time in a row), and , although the money that Iva brought to her from her donors is spent - she will order more food from Viktor, for it is so cheap. If there is another donation , that would be fantastic, but if there is not... well, she needs to stock up on this good, but so much cheaper kitty food, while she can. She simply must, because, maybe Viktor will not go again to Hungary before winter.

Update on Marponi and Okac - they are both on some kitty antibiotics again - Marponi for his mouth and Okac for his little eye that does not heal. Things got little worse, so she had to take them to the vet (Okac also got some unusual diarrhea, and was vomiting too often). Marponi is an old guy, but Okac is only about year and a half...Poor guy had a really hard time with his health since she found him as a kitten with wounded eye on the street.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Waiting for the storm...

...while old, good Marponi does not care - just sleeps.

People - you do not know Tufnica; she is not well behaved kitty, and since she was a teeny, tiny kitten, she would scream until Danica picks her up, wanted to be held always, very finicky eater (you do not want to be that over there), bothering other little girl, Futka, who is the same age, and is supposed to be her best friend...And the litter box, of course.. If the litter is not clean in the boxes, she either makes a hole in the brand new bag, or ... You can imagine: on the floor, in the tub (best case scenario), and similar...She was very, very sick when found, and Danica treated her as a baby child, but by now this little Missy is as healthy as an ox, and rude. As simple as that. Spoiled rotten.

Other cats , who are in the shelter (basement, and the garage, while Tufnica is currently in the apartment) simply go outside, and there were no problems with that so far. Cats are naturally very clean animals, and really, Danica says, that makes no problem. As you may know, Danica cannot afford tons of clean litter, so she uses construction send (she would go occasionally where the construction sites are and bring send), and she recycles it , which translated into the common language means, she works like a dog on a daily basis to keep it as clean as possible.

Here are more of the latest pictures, mostly of the food, and some of the tenants (you will know Tufnica immediately, because, she is still inspecting the bags); the one on the shelf FULL of kitty medicine is Okac, the one who had three eye surgeries so far, but his eye is still not good. Danica says she does not want to put him through the 4th surgery.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Small addition...

I simply could not resist to put another picture of the food - it looks so cute! The other picture is of Tufnica (Dottie, as they would call her in English), the one I wrote about not long ago, the obnoxious one, the little girl that would go to the litter box EXCLUSIVELY if it is totally clean : she was the one who had to inspect all the packages that Viktor brought, of course.

Viktor , incidentally, went to Hungary again, and Danica asked him to bring more food; now, she spent all the money already on the vet bills and the first batch of food he brought last week, but, she says, the prices there are so much better, that she just wanted to take advantage of him. She will pay for the new batch at the end of the month somehow...

Friday, August 3, 2007

Some cat food has arrived!

I am doing this short post today, with a lot of pictures - just to show the food that Danica's friend Viktor - who finally went to Hungary, brought to Danica and her cats. A lot of good food! Then Danica bought a lot of fish at the local fish market (the small, cheap fish, ) that she will cook for them, and then refrigerate for later. All this - in anticipation of the donors and my money that Iva is bringing. Danica basically borowed money , because she knows she will be able to pay back relatively easy this time. What a relief!
Iva flies out tomorrow, and will probably visit Danica on Wednesday.

Danica was busy buying and sorting out the food (there is more then what is on the pictures, but she already sorted some out). Just the thought of something nice that will happen to her made her feel better.

Marponi - for Frank and those who are little worried with his health - is not in pain; also, he eats, except that he would eat only beef that Danica will cook for him separately. She is hoping, as long as he can eat, and curl up on Danica's lap, purring, he is O.K. She would never , ever allow animal to suffer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Trip to Novi Sad is Approaching

So, these days Danica thinks only about Iva's arrival. All together, Iva will take to Danica $500. It is a lot of money, and Danica is extremely happy, for there is a lot of bills to be paid: vet for Danko's eye surgery, medicine for Marponi, and food. Actually a lot of food, because in the meantime Viktor did go to Hungary and he brought bags and bags of food! Cat food is so much cheaper in Hungary then Serbia , and Danica can rest at least a little bit for now!

She also asked me in her last e mail whether it is O.K. with all donors to buy some fresh litter, because it has become such a horrible chore to clean the overused sand she puts down for the kitties. Of course, whatever helps – but Danica feels for some reason that in her situation, where every bite , every can of food is so important and valuable, and also medicine, spending money on litter is waste! No! She must ease the horrible burden on her back in every possible way.

Iva will make many photos while visiting Danica, so I cannot wait to post them.
Danica also asked me to thank every donor, and also every person who offered support,and comforting words to her.

Yes, thank you so much! Ann,Karen, Frank and George – every one of you. You can not imagine what a good deed you have done!

As to the cats, here is update: little Danko is definitely staying with Snezana – what fantastic news! Other cats are more-less O.K., except old, good Marponi, whose mouth is, Danica says, getting worse. She is stuck with him, who is really sick, this costing money, but, she is not considering putting him to sleep.

I am enclosing some recent pictures of the little shelter's tenants. Marponi, as you will see it, is currently staying in her apartment, because he is ill – as every old , experienced old cat, he picked a good spot for summer's heat: under the AC!