Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two black toms... and other news

Danica has managed to catch (do not ask how) two strong, young black toms, and had them fixed. Also, Garazni is better, at least his little nose is not bleeding any more that severely (he is the one licking his paw on the lowest photo)...New young female - the one that was pictured on a tree, was also caught and is going to be spayed...This all means that she was spending more money then she had at the moment , but the operations were/ are crucial, and I, somehow, managed to send money two times in this month (with the generous help of some of Danica's donors).

Poppy - the one with the beautiful rimmed eyes, is fine, but seems not to want to leave her cage, as does not Kajac, a male neutered last month. No wonder, knowing what they had been through...Now, there is another kitty who is pregnant, and Danica is working on her . The cat must be operated on before too late. Yellow stripe one, Zlatan, who had a wound on his tigh, now has another one on his chest. Not too bad.

These past two months were very hard : many surgeries, many unexpected wounds...and a lot of food, of course. If anyone can help with a donation, please do so.

Danica is so busy with trying to prevent spring kittens, that she has not time to be tired...She has all the reasons in the world for that, but has not time. Hungry kitty mouths all around her, and constant efforts to keep the population down.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New pictures, but no good news

Unfortunately, I still do not have much good news from the shelter - as you will see from the pictures, Garazni is still sick, although he has been given medicine, and everything else that Danica can possibly provide for him. His little nose is still a wound.

There is a pregnant female that is impossible to catch, and a black male that Danica caught and will neuter. He is the one alone in the photo, his head in the bowl of food.

The other are so-so... Kind of a hard period for the shelter, really. I am sending money tomorrow via Western Union, as always, and in it is a generous donation from a lady called Diane. Also, there is Pauline in Canada who will help with the food supplies , that are, by the way, also scarce these days. Not very nice spring this year.

I have also been busy so much at home with different things (some of them quite unpleasant), that I was not able to call her often. However,at this point I think that she is braver, more courageous, tougher, stronger, better - then anybody I have ever known.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New, mostly sad pictures, have arrived

Danica's computer was fixed, and I got new photos today. Nothing to smile about, though... I was actually shocked to see that the little nose of Garazni looks like an open wound!

The other pictures are of Zlatan's wound on the thigh, and a close up of Plavkan's wound near the tail base, and Okac, whose eye is still bad...Also, there is a picture of two new kitties - actually, there are three of them that recently showed up: two black males, and blackish-brownish female (the one on the tree). Danica says she has been pretty much bullied by the two males, but is very brave, and persistent, and simply tries to survive.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some of Danica's cats


I just want to let you know that I have not posted new pictures for several days, because, on top of everything, Danica's computer died! Well, today somebody will come to try to fix it, but until the stupid thing is fixed, she can not send new photos.

Here is the status report:

Garazni still very sick; his nose keeps on bleeding, and is very painful, but he started to eat some solids...Danica is still hopeful he will survive. She does not let him go out of the cage, because the other cats are , it seems, over the worst of the virus, so she does not want him to infect any of them again.

There are two wounded cats; Zlatan who has a bad wound on his thigh, and is limping. However, Danica can not catch him. Plavkan (beautiful Russian blue), came yesterday with a deep puncture wound near his tail! Danica says it looks as if from a nail.

Two cats disappeared: Bezimena (for 2 weeks now), and a male called Novotarija. Danica does not believe he will be back, because, he never misses dinner, and he did not show up last night, neither this morning.

Anyway, I am hoping that the computer can be fixed.

I am posting some recent pictures, until new ones come. The top photo is of Plavkan, the one with the nail wound ; the one with yellow Gingerello in the cage, is Bezimena who disappeared two weeks ago; the one under the wagon, is Zlatan, the wounded one that she can not catch to take him to the vet.