Saturday, February 25, 2012

Felix shelter's got a website!

Felix kitties have got a website! I cannot believe it’s finally here! Please, take a look and learn everything about my shelter and my cats.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just another story of love

One summer’s day three years ago I found Augusta as a two months old kitten in front of my garage. Almost as soon as she entered she singled out Oset as her companion and they became inseparable. Augusta was licking him all the time, they were snuggling, cuddling and playing with each other. They were super cute together. Both of them survived panleukopenia.

When Oset disappeared a few months later Augusta was devastated. She stopped eating, lost weight and started to spend most of her time staring at nowhere. Months passed and she kept waiting, I couldn’t console her no matter what I tried. Nevertheless I was sure he was alive somewhere and never gave up looking for him. When a friend of mine called me a few months later and told me about her new pale ginger kitty who didn’t like fish I knew it was him. Augusta was beside herself with joy when she saw him again and he was equally happy. I kept them in my apartment.

We moved to the shelter and I thought their romance would last forever. Their life was like a fairy tale. Then suddenly, out of the blue, with absolutely no warning, Oset died unexpectedly. Augusta was completely shattered and heartbroken. She didn’t seem to know how to move on, she spent weeks grieving for him. And she never got over her loss. Estranged from other cats, she became a real loner. She is always on her own, probably dreaming of her lost love and there’s no way to comfort her. Her sadness is infinite. She will miss him forever.

“Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing save the limits of our sight”.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Loving a strong-willed kitty

A few years ago I was living in town, taking care of stray cats and many of them found a refuge in my apartment and my garage. One day, when I entered my garage to feed my kitties, I could see all of them were nervous and anxious and knew something had happened. They all behaved as if an intruder was among them. I started to search for whoever it was and found a tiny calico kitten, less than six weeks old, who was hissing and growling at me and all my cats. Quite impressed by the little one with a strong personality in spite of being skinny and dirty, I took her to my apartment. This was Utata, who was stubborn and had a mind of her own from the beginning.

Although she was in pretty bad shape, I never doubted she’d grow up into a real beauty. She made new kitty friends rather quickly, she was cuddly with me but generally distrustful towards people. Whenever anybody else was around she was nowhere to be seen.

We moved to the shelter and started a new life, but her attitude hasn’t changed for a long time. She’d always hide when unfamiliar people would pop by to visit. A couple of months ago she suddenly became nice and affectionate, she now wants to be friends with everyone. She seems relaxed and happy. Being a beautiful kitty, cuddly and lovable, she is absolutely enchanting.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who said snow was beautiful?

It’s snowing so heavily these days that I’m starting to fear the tremendous snow would cause the roof to collapse. Some of my kitties enjoy playing in the snow, the others prefer to stay inside so everyone can do as they want and what they want. Many of them don’t mind the snow.

As you may know, Serbia has succumbed to the deep freeze gripping Europe, with plunging temperatures and icy winds – and there’s no end in sight. I was literally cut off by snow for days and worried sick about the roof and wire mesh, still some of my kitties were having the time of their life leaping through the snow. But I’m more than preoccupied. The ridge beam has a longitudinal crack and if it spreads my snow loaded roof could cave in. The wire mesh is holding up for now because fluffy snow falls through the wire but in December heavy wet snow was piling up on top of it and the wire looked like it sagged under snow load in the middle. What would’ve happened if it had sunk I dare not imagine.

When the spring comes I’ll undoubtedly have to replace the entire roof and wire mesh as well. I also think I’ll need a bigger gas tank as my gas central heating consumes much more gas than I expected. The very thought of dealing with workers again sounds intimidating but I must do whatever needs to be done. It seems that the expenses are never-ending…

Will the snow ever stop?

Everything is covered with glistening snow

It’s snowing heavily and the temperature is way below zero. With frosty winds blowing, it’s freezing here in Vojvodina plain. My shelter is all snowed up but kitties don’t seem to be bothered by the cold. Many of them are spending these snow days inside, yet bolder ones are enjoying the winter magic (after waiting for me to finish shoveling paths through the snow). They're jumping, playing and running around without a care in the world. Lucky them! I’m simply unable to remain calm knowing what can happen next due to heavy snow, but for them the present moment is all that counts.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

All's well that ends well

Zveka Bleka was barely two months old when he appeared, skinny and dirty, in front of the building I lived in. A tiny little kitten, whose eyes were still blue, approached me on a summer evening yowling at the top of his lungs. He was terribly hungry but distrustful of people and didn’t let me catch him. Nonetheless he kept coming for dinner until he disappeared, ten days later.

Over the next few weeks I was combing the area but found no trace of him. I looked everywhere to no avail, but I never gave up hope. It may sound strange but somehow I knew he would come back. And he did. He turned up in front of my garage, thinner than ever and when he saw me he ran and jumped into my arms. I took him inside and he didn’t want to go out for months, cautious and mistrustful of new people but tightly bonded to me. Though initially weak and bow-legged, he grew up into a real beauty.

Zveka Bleka was about a year old when he disappeared again and had me worried sick before he finally emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, after a week. When he returned I decided enough was enough so took him into my apartment and he began to live a life of ease. None of my cats ever hissed at him, neither he growled at anyone. They all got along amazingly well.

Being curious and active by nature, Zveka Bleka always enjoyed going outside. Moving to the shelter was the best thing that could happen to such a playful and adventurous kitty. He is still distrustful towards new people but completely relaxed and calm in the company of his friends. Joyous and carefree, here he has everything a cat could ever want.