Thursday, May 29, 2008

The good news is...

...that Danica found Zveka-Bleka,

who she was so worried about! He was stuck in a basement in one of the buildings in the neighborhood, and he was severely dehydrated and scared to death when she found him. (you can see him in Danica's arms, and in the cage being checked by Okac and Gingerello) She brought him into her apartment. Danica says he is way too scared of people to stay outside, with others from the shelter.

New white kitten, Chris, is also a bit of a problem: he hates everyone and hisses, ready to fight, with every single cat! Well, that means she can not let him out of the cage unless she is present, and she could not find a home for him, what she has been trying.

Other pictures show the shelter tenants right after another bath.

Many, many hungry kitty mouths, some sick, some scared, some not easy to socialize... As always, nothings gets easier for Danica.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New allergic kity

First - good news: Danica has gotten a very good donation from her friend Diane. Thank you Diane, very, very much from Danica and the cats.

Secondly, part of that money went directly to the vet, because there were many fixings in the last two months, and Zule's teeth cleaning under the full anesthesia + Zlatan's, wounds...

And then, there is new white kitten, Chris (the one found on Easter day), who turned out to be beautiful, and very, very gentle - but, alas, very weak and allergic to almost everything! The only foof he is not allergic to, Danica says, is Royal Canine (some cat!).

I am sending my regular donation by the end of next week. Let's see how much Danica can cover.

Danica, in the meantime, is very upset and sad because a cat called Zveka Bleka disappeared. She was looking for him everywhere - in vain. As you know, she has very hard time every time a kitty dies or disappears. Danica says for her it is even worse if it disappears and she never finds it (dead or alive), because then she is haunted by a possible long and painful death that cat might have endured.

She adds that Zveka was very much afraid of people. Poor kitty.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Zule had a dental appointment...

Zule, on of the Danica's oldest cats (she has had them for many years, and he was so sick that several vets advised her to put him to sleep - but she refused, and kept on fighting for him), urgently needed a dental work. He was at the vet this week, and was worked on under the anaesthesia. He will need special food, though.

The pictures are during, and after the dental operation.

Zlatan after the surgery, and some other shelter tenants

Here are the photos of Zlatan, after his strange wounds have been cleaned, disinfected, and sown by the vet. Danica had him neutered at the time as well. He really took the anaesthesia very hard, and was vomiting a lot after, but now he seems to be getting better.

There is also Plavkan in the cage (Russian blue), whose leg is not good, but the vet said it might be some old fracture that simply healed wrong...However, Danica says he was not limping until recently. Mystery...

There is also Poppy , the beauty with the rimmed eyes, just resting on the top bed, Chris, the newly found weak kitten that is now eating well and recovering (white with blue eyes),

Arlekinka, the female that obviously days ago got herself into something greasy and Danica has tried everything to clean her fur, but it is still greasy; Kajac, also fixed not long ago, posing on the ladder; then, Pukilence , recently fixed female who still refuses to leave her cage, and, believe it or not, Gingerello with newly arrived supplies of food. Yes, it is Gingerello, so grown, big, strong - not a tiny yellow kitten any more!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Zlatan finally caught!

Danica finally, after many, many trials, managed to catch Zlatan, young yellow stripy male, with several bad wounds. He was taken to the vet this morning, and I still do not have update on how serious his wounds might be...
The other picture show: Lizan and Crnac, freshly bathed, on top of each other, drying; Lizan in a towel; Plavkan , cleaning his paw, and another black cat, in the cage; and Pukilence, newly spayed female, in her cage.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

This two-colored pretty face baby....

..., called Muppet Show, is the latest one in a spring series of spaying/neutering. Some of you might remember her perched on a tree.What a wonderful, strange little face. It is female.
Also, the stripy one is another female, Pukilence, which had been spayed, and the white blue eyed kitten (Danica thinks he is around 5 months old), is under antibiotic treatment for different infections. His name is Chris, for he was found on (Orthodox) Easter Sunday.

Also, Danica called me last night just to say that she finally managed to capture Zlatan (the yellow stripy one with several open wounds). He is going to the vet tomorrow.

The only bad thing with all this is the cost. Fortunately, Diane, one of Danica's precious donors, has just let me know she is sending good donation this month. Good bless Danica's friends and donors!