Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear donors,

As I explained in some of my earlier posts, a local couple found out about Danica not long ago, and helped finish the shelter so the cats can move in. Without these people, it would probably take another several months, and it would not look nearly this nice.

Now, as you all know, there are over 70 cats that must eat and be medicated, some of them must be spayed or neutered... Danica is in such a debt that it is scary to think about it. Please, help her if you can. She needs funds more than ever.

Danica and her kitties thank you all so much!

Relaxed enough to start eating...

Still little spooked...

It feels like home!

Starting to explore more seriously

Not bad at all

Slowly starting to explore

... and finding it, I presume, REALLY nice.. Note the beautiful pink shleves, the floors, everything...

Just arrived to their new home

...little scared, confused, you know how it is... Danica spent first two nights with them.

Danica and her kitties have moved, people!

Danica starting moving bulk of the kitties into the new shelter this past weekend, and there is not much to say - just look at the beautiful pictures!

There are more kitties to be moved, but most of them are now there, getting used to their new home.

I am starting with the photos of the freshly painted shelter, outside shots, and then adding some photos of them actually in the cages, being moved:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, the shelter is almost ready to be inhabited by Danica and the kitties!!!As I mentioned earlier, there is a donor who donated a lot of material and work force, and some beautiful, useful thing were completed. Pictures tell all!!!

You will see : many ceramic tiles already put in place, many other waiting for the same, new doors, beautiful yard, everything getting better, cleaner, readier for the cats!!!

This would have never been possible without the couple who is donating material and workers, never! And that is simply because all the other donations go to feed and medically treat all the cats. Thank you again for everything you have been doing and donating to keep Felix shelter operating and saving kitties from starvation, illnesses, death, and cruelty.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Cleaning, and kissing...Oset & Augusta, of course...Gingarello is just observing.

Another spaying

The new pregnant one, very young, shy and sweet black-and-white cat, was successfully spayed. You can see her recovering very well (huge, curious eyes)

Obviously, with the enormous amount of needs and work at the new shelter, and constant medical bills, every donation is highly appreciated, as always. Thank you!


Much work being done on the new shelter , with great help of some men , because, Danica would not be able to pay the professional workers. Note the packages of the new tiles!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another try

... and positively refusing it....

Sugi at the vet

Forced to take medicine

...and then spitting it