Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laza and Ruza - seniors

Laza and Ruza are brother and sister, found together on the street in Novi Sad in the middle of the winter 16 years ago. Two little black creatures, painfully thin and scared, were stumbling through the snow in a desperate attempt to flee the cold. I picked them up and took them home, but a few days later both of them got panleukopenia and managed to survive, somehow.
Nowadays, both of them are still with me. We'been through so much together - left the town, moved to the country and adapted to country life. They're old now and need special care, but their sweet faces remain the same...

Archi - the youngest to arrive

Luckily, Archi doesn't know what the life on the street looks like, due to the fact that he was placed in my care at the shelter not much after he'd been born. From such a tiny kitty with the strong will to live, a little fighter who used to empty his milk bottle in a heartbeat, he grew up to be a very handsome fellow. He was closely bound to me for a long time, he literally couldn't stand to be apart, but now he becomes more independent every day. He's got a lot of new friends, and two sweethearts so far (a real seducer)! Presently, he spends his time in the yard playing, chasing other cats and resting.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poli & Esca, sisters

These two kitties arrived to the shelter a few weeks ago, after being found on the street. One of them (named Poli) was hit by the car and therefore couldn't walk, although she could hold onto her hind legs a little bit - presumably she was in pain every time she tried to get up. She's much better now, although she can't walk properly yet. She might have some undiscovered problem with her hips. The other one (Eska) was apparently healthy when she arrived, yet scared and confused. She had probably seen what happened to Poli and was desperately trying to protect her. When they were found, Esca was covering Poli with her body. They're both safe now, though Esca has an eye infection and is under therapy. At least, none of them fears for the other one any more. Esca's name derives from escudo, Spanish word for shield.

New cats in the shelter

New cat and her kitties arrived at the shelter. Archi and Cinco were the first to check on those new little pals, while the rest of the cats became acquainted with their mother. Rather scared at the beginning, this new family is getting better every day. All of them were thin but know they're gaining weight and mother cat is already spayed and recovering. Ginger male resembles Archi, Danica hopes they'll become friends.