Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some news from the shelter

Well... Danica's computer does not work again, so I have no new photos of the kitties. Bad news: Zlatan's legs are badly wounded, but successfully treated at the vet this morning, and he will remain on antibiotics for some time. Danica says it looks like somebody hurt him on purpose.

Also, Icuka, one of the oldest Danica's cats, very sick, but she says it is from old age and not much can be done. Danica is just making sure Icuka is not in pain; Okac with his sick eye....And little Gingarello had a bad respiratory infection, but is being treated.

Good news: with the generous donations from Danica's donors Diane and David, she paid a lot of vet's bills, and ordered some food from Hungary.

I am now just waiting for her computer to start working - in the meantime, older photos of Zlatan, Icuka (with Tufnica), Okac, Gingarello, and a blind kitty I encountered with my family while vacationing and was feeding her; we are on our way trying to help that little one come here, and have some serious doctor's help.
p.s. We call her Pindling.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Photo of the new bike!

Finally - Danica's computer is working, and she sent me some new pictures, including the one of the new bike.

Others are photos of cats after flea baths; the fleas are abundant, and it is very, very hot... Not easy time to run a shelter. Also, Chris, the white, spoiled one, is apparently allergic to everything. He is getting some cortisone shots currently.

There is also a photo of kitties with a curious pigeon - but it also tells a story of how Danica feeds them!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now, the computer does not work...

Danica computer broke, and she is waiting for someone to come and fix it. That person is very busy, though, so...That is why I do not have any new pictures. The news are bad and good: Icuka,one of the oldest cats, is sick, and Danica thinks it is simply due to her age. Still, she will take her to the vet tomorrow.The little kitten that Danica had found several weeks ago, and that was , kind of, fostered by her friend Cica, found permanent home: a wonderful young married couple, that already have two cats.

Danica's bike is good, and safe, but until her computer is fixed I can not post the photos of it. Also, her bruises and wounds are better, and her leg is fine.

I send yesterday donation from Diane, and my regular monthly money. Danica is also expecting a donation from Canada, and two new very nice ladies e mailed me wishing to help, so that all is really, really good news.

The pictures I am posting are of Icuka just bathed (together with black, bushy Futka), the kitten that was adopted, and relatively new one which Danica saved, Muppet Show.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It sounds like a bad dream

Danica was hit by a man on a motorbike , while on her new bike. It is so unbelievable, so horrible, so sad. What on Earth is going on?! Being knocked down twice from her bike in , like two weeks?!

Of course, in order to prevent any damage to the bike, she got hurt. The guy on the motor bike never stopped.

It is so scary, and so sad.

I will keep you posted on her condition. She is not in the hospital, but she really badly hurt one leg, trying to save her new bike, that she bought with the donations from her dear friends. And she has enough even to buy that baby bike thing, the cart you attach to the bike, all closed, perfect for taking cats to the vet. But, her joy had to be spoiled.

Well, the bike is fine. She will get better and then she will get the bike cart. Better time is coming.

The photos are old. The top one is female named Arlekinka, who disappeared couple of weeks ago.