Saturday, May 14, 2016

Six Little Fighters

Kitten season has kicked into full gear and abandoned babies, frequently just born and with their umbilical cords still attached, are literally everywhere. Irresponsible cat owners here feel that spaying/neutering is cruel, but I guess separating the
youngsters from their nursing mothers and leaving them next to a trash can to fend for themselves when they aren’t even able to eat alone (or throwing them inside the waste container) isn’t cruel at all.

Of course, it’s impossible to know
who the mother cats belong to, but it’s also highly improbable that a stray cat would pack her kittens into a carrying bag or a box and leave them in a dumpster. Year after year the same thing happens and year after year the overall situation is getting worse. Although
almost all animal rescuers are already getting hoarse from repeating that spay/neuter surgery is necessary for pets, far too many cats and dogs end up on the street and the animal shelters are overflowing with all of the new arrivals.

OK, rant over. These six babies were left in a cardboard box in front of the mall when they were maybe 10 days old. Two of them hadn’t even opened their eyes yet because their eyelids were glued shut with pus. They have been hand raised and bottle fed for a month now, as
they were not progressing the way they should; moreover, all of them had a chlamydia infection and ringworm. Just great.

Five of them finally pulled through and began to eat on their own, but the tiniest one, a little black
girlie with a white tip to her tail, who had been the smallest and weakest from the very beginning, seemed to be dying a week ago. She had been given strong antibiotics for days and then the UV scan showed that her liver and stomach were enlarged, so more drugs (vitamins
and hepatoprotectives) were added to her daily therapy. She needed around the clock care, her chances were slim to none, but she didn’t want to die and she definitely wasn’t ready to give up. Bone skinny, feeble and frail, she valiantly
fought for her life with every ounce of her fragile strength and she’s made it! Boy… that was close. To our great joy, she doesn’t need to be fed with a syringe anymore, she eats on her own and even though she is at least two times smaller than any of her siblings, she is
very serious about growing big.

The little black girl already has a sponsor, our dear friend Kim, who named her Phoenix, as she defeated death by a hair’s breadth and sprang back to life. If any of you would like to virtually adopt and
name any of these cutie pies, we would be extremely grateful!

And if you’re unable to sponsor one of them, please give us a hand with the costs of their upbringing which are already skyrocketing with some help from their vet bills. No amount is ever too
small, it all adds up!