Monday, February 22, 2010

Photos to remind you of happier days

"Days are passing, one by one without his huge, cheerful eyes, and it is so hard for me to comprehend that I will never see him again".

That is what Danica told me on the telephone this weekend. She has all the cats to take care of (close to 60), but her heart is still so sad for the little one, and it will take her long time, I think, to stop mourning, but just keep him in her memory as a sweet kitty to whom people were so unbelievably cruel, and still he did not hate them.

Of course, in spite of heartache, Danica must take care of the cats,and that can not wait. Being so busy in a way heal the sadness, she says...

Again, she wants to thank all of you who offered your support, financial and other, in all these days.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

R.I.P. little baby

Danica's heart is bleeding for the little one. She hopes that he is in kitty heaven now, purring, kneading, playing.

What Danica has been through that day at the vet's, nobody wants to know. Let's prey for her to find some comfort.

Dear friends and donors, Danica thanks you all from the bottom of her heart for all the warm words of love and comfort, and your financial and other support.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Milance got such infection that the vet said the only thing was to put him to sleep. Sepsis. It spread to his kidneys and his liver. Absolutely nothing could have been done to save him.

Danica is in shock because it was very hard to put him to sleep. I do not know whether it was a vet assistant who was not properly trained or experienced, but Milance kept on waking up. Unimaginable horror for Danica. She almost fainted holding him...

Danica said that all the kitties are extremely quiet, and just want to be next to her. She can not bury him yet, because the ground is frozen.

Horrible news

Dear friends and donors,

I want to let you know that little Milance had to be put down this past weekend. In one oh his stumps the bone completely broke the skin , and when they x rayed it, they saw that there is bad infection inside , that actually went through his body. Or something like that, I am not sure yet, because Danica is so upset, and crying so bitterly, that she is really not in a position to talk now.
She just told me that the stump started bleeding, and Milance looked as if in much pain.The vet simply said that putting him down was the most humane, compassionate thing to do.

A very, very sad time for her shelter. As many of you know, Danica has been fighting for him really hard, for more then a year. She found him under a car, tiny, shivering kitten with no back legs. She nurtured him, nursed him with food, medical care, and so much love that it is hard to describe.This one year (or little more), that he had, was warmed by Danica, other kitties that accepted him, and little shelter that does impossible.

Let's remember him cute and funny as he was.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Hello everyone

here is the scan for the last donation sent to Danica via Western Union.
Some of you guys thought it might not be a bad idea to occasionally post it, so that the donors can see it. Mind you, in most of these, 200 is from me, and the rest is the donations from Danica's donors, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always highly appreciated.

The scan might not be very clear, but forgive me, this is my first to post here, so I will try to get better and try to find someone help me make it clearer.Actually, when you click on it, it can be seen nicely.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

They are very cold too...

We, in Arlington, VA, have been totally snowed in, buried, but it is not much better in Novi Sad. Note how the kitties are trying to keep themselves warm (the black one positioning herself on the radiator).

Danica is extremely worried because of the cold, and how much money it is still needed for the new shelter, and how slowly it goes.

Thank you all for your donations and please do not forget Danica and her kitties!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Milance's stump got hurt again... Well, it lasted pretty long this time, but Danica says that the muscles are simply to weak on the stumps at this time, that can not protect any longer, so the bone broke the flesh again. Nothing horribly painful, but, problem again, and he is crying, and simply avoiding the walking.

Other little kitties, just trying to survive extraordinary harsh winter. Danica is very sick. Actually, she was in bed, with very high fever , for days and days on, and now she considers it a progress that she can properly get up and feed them.