Saturday, June 28, 2008

New photos, and some good news

Except putting new photos on - nothing much to report, at least nothing terribly bad. Danica has been feeling much better after the accident, and she is not dizzy anymore. She has gotten some donations and she'll buy a new bike and maybe even the children's closed cart thing, that you can attach to the bike. It would be perfect for taking kitties to the vet.

Two cats have disappeared - Arlekinka and Frca. Danica says Arlekinka was getting really sick and weak, but Frca was OK, and also, Danica loves her very much, so she misses her and is worried if they were killed or something like that. With summer holidays, local boys go really wild, and very often cats are their target...

The one with wounded nose is Garazni - Danica does not know what had happened to his nose, he just showed up one evening like that. Another one, Crnac (Blacky), every summer has a painful skin condition, but she is dealing with it.

I will post the pictures of her new bike as soon as she gets it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Situation has calmed down little bit

Danica is feeling little better after the ugly accident, except that she is still dizzy. She went to see the doctor and he said that she might be dizzy for couple of weeks. If she does not have bad headache, or unless her sight is getting worse, she should be OK.

As to the kitties: the weather is better, and, it is nicer to be outside and, well, make good friends - as you will see on the photos.

There is also Chris who Danica started calling Prince - because he does not like anyone, he is not impressed with anyone but himself, it seems. And very finicky eater.

Zule - the big yellow , stripy male cat that has been with Danica since his kittenhood, showed such a kitty concern just after the accident - Danica says he would wrap himself around her painful head, and purr loudly, kneading her gently. he would not leave her side for days.

Danica says a thing like that (and similar behaviours from her cats during all these years),are reward enough for everything she has been doing for them. Love. Unconditional love.True love.

p.s. Still, she needs new bike; whoever can help, is greatly appreciated. Danica already has a promised donation from Diane

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Urgent help needed!!!

Danica was on her old bike, taking two cats to the vet (Zveka Bleka in the box, and Okac on her back, in a back-pack), when some idiot in the car hit her, threw her on the ground, and fled!!!

Cats were petrified with fear and they both peed , but, fortunately they were not hurt, because, one was in the cage, and one was in the back - pack. Danica is hurt. Two men approached and helped her, they put her bike in the car, took the kitties and Danica, and took her to the hospital. Nothing broken, but a lot of pain. She has to go back Monday.

I am speechless in the face of such horror. The worst thing: the bike. It is ruined, and she has no money for the gas, so... She absolutely needs a bike for the cats.

Whoever can spare some money, please do so, so that she can collect for the new bike. If you are able to help, please send me an e-mail.

Thank you so much in advance.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shelter is flooded

Novi Sad has had horrible weather for days - similar to our Mid West. Shelter was flooded, and Danica was working like a dog to try to save it, and take the most of the water out. The cats are O.K., but Danica is beyond exhaustion, as you can imagine.

Also, recently found Zveka Bleka is sick with bad kidney infection, and he is on very expensive antibiotics. She had to do it, because he was peeing blood. He has been on the regimen for three days now and is better.

Let us pray that the weather will get better, soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I could not believe something like this exists

Danica found this tiny bundle in the street, alone... She looked and looked for the mother and other siblings, but they were nowhere to be found. She picked it up, and fed it for few days with the injection. She does not know whether it is boy or girl.The good news: she found it a home, already. Danica said it was a good friend of hers who took it, because,as Danica puts it, .. She is as crazy as I am...

Other then that, everything is more or less regular, which means, ordinary everyday problems. But, nothing major.

My cat, Oshkosh, last night brought alive tiny field mouse into the house, played with it, and did not kill it. I tried like crazy to catch it, but could not do it (the ordeal went for hours into the night, and completely exhausted,I went to bed around two in the morning). I was hoping that Oshkosh will kill it during the night , but there is nothing this morning. My cat could not care less (not interested any longer), and I know it is alive in the house. My husband is on the business trip... Anyone has any ideas on how to catch that poor creature and put it outside?