Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is the one, now for real

Here is the new kitty, and Danica says that she is probably pregnant! Look at her tummy!

It is Nada . My mistake.

Yes, it is Nada on those pictures on the previous post. Danica warned me the other day, and I just did not have time to fix it. For some reason, when I was picking the photos from a gallery of Danica's pictures on Photobucket, I pulled that one, and after reading that it is a new one, I did not even check with Danica. Of course, it was a new one then, but I did not see the date.

There are a lot of pictures of Danica's kitties on the Photobucket, I simply made a mistake.

Poor Nada, she was put to sleep many days ago. Not willingly I brought her back to life by mistake. I am sorry.

There is actually a new kitty right now , I am waiting for Danica to e mail me her photo, so that I do not pick the wrong one again from the Photobucket.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have not posted anything for a long time, but... sometimes no news is really good news... Little Milance's leg is healing pretty well, but Danica is in constant contact with the Belgrade vet surgeon, and he is asking about Milance's progress all the time and, to say so, keeping an eye on it.

Other kitties are, more less OK, some of them chronically sick, and few are plain old...but Danica is taking such a good care of them.

On the pictures that I posted you will see a new little kitty, scrawny and thin, that Danica called The New One.

Danica has not received any donations for quite some time, so, please, if anyone can donate anything, it is highly appreciated. It is for the basic needs, like food and crunchies.

And as always, Danica thanks her faithful, regular donors for everything they have been doing to help her!

Here are some new silly, funny pictures of Danica's sweet kitties

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Silly pictures...

News about Milance: doctor in Belgrade said, since it has significantly calmed down, he would wait the the leggie operation. He said, because Belgrade is not so easy for Danica to go back and forth with Milance (it is three hours drive), they should just give the little one another chance for the stump that gets bad, to heal.

I am , in addition to the news, posting some unbelievable pictures of Oset and Augusta being in love (of course, he is neutered, and she is spayed, but they just adore each other), and some other kitties from Danica's shelter being plain silly...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Milance is better

...and everyone else is just fine. It seems, as Danica says, that this is that typical, once a year, calm period. Let's pray it will last little longer.

As you all know, Milance is some time in the first half of May have his surgery. Until then, he is playing, and just being plain silly. As are the others, as you will see in the videos, and the photos...
Thank you all who donated in April . It all goes to Danica in the next few days.

p.s. On the first video of Milance in his little pen, Danica is mushy talking to him about why he is pulling the blankies...