Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sad news

The little kitten with brown and yellowish spots, the really tiny one - has died. She contracted some very bad virus (upper respiratory), and she was so tiny, that nothing could save her.

When Danica was coming back from the vet, crying, there was a new kitten , blind in one eye, in front of the shelter.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Danica is recovering...

And she has gotten a new donation, with which she will pay several vet bills, piled up by now!

You will see on the pictures what I am talking about: the black one, called Repko, had a very deep, puncture wound on his tail, that had to be urgently treated.

Danica thinks it was a dog bite (horror);

then, a young female, that I mentioned earlier, pregnant and with painful mastitis - spayed, and on the antibiotics - she is the one with gorgeous, huge green eyes, rimmed with black. There are three pictures of her: before operation, after the operation, and her beautiful head.

The little one without back legs got so much better, and grew, that he started to play with the other ones as if not handicapped, which gave him a new wound on the one the stumps (the one that did not heal properly in the first place) - so, that had to be taken care of at the vet. (and yes, that is a boy, not a girl as she thought in the beginning)

Finally, the baby with some black and brown spots on the tiny face had some kind of infection, and she is being treated. So, you can imagine - a lot of bills! The today's donation, together with the previous one, is taking care of much of the vet debt. Dear friends and donors - cats and Danica thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How bad can it get?

Danica has pneumonia. She has been very sick, and there is no one to help with the cats. Fortunately, she has a friend who is a doctor, and is keeping an eye on her. She also gave Danica all medication needed.
Danica still manages to go to the shelter every evening and feed them, and clean as much as she can. Now she is able to do that, but for the first few days was not. Also, some of the cats are still on the therapy...

A donation from a friend came, and she has another one promised.

On the pictures are mostly new kittens, and another male who was just neutered.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

After a short and promising period - a very hard road ahead, full of kittens

I know it is sad, and almost hard to believe - but all of these are new kittens. There are, though, more then one picture of the same kittens, plus new pictures of the kitty with no back legs, called Milancica. Most of these are healthy, but not all of them, and several are alredy under some kind of vet therapy.

Dear friends, Danica does not know how she will pay vet bills at the end of this month. Even if I manage to send another donation in September, it will be only $200. and that is not enough. So, urgent help would be highly appreciated.

On the photos you see kittens at the vet, being bathed, and Milancica playing - she is getting much better. It was not only her legs that had to be examined, the wounds cleaned - it was also that she had to have a colon operation, but she is really fine.

On top of all this there is a cat that looks very sick ( she looks so miserable that I am not even posting a photo of her), and Danica is trying to help her. She is in a lot of pain because, as Danica says, it looks like she had kittens, but then her breasts inflamed..