Monday, December 21, 2009

Bad adventure with Tigi

Tigi, one of Danica's longest tenant, disappeared for full six days! She was out of herself, and managed to locate him stuck in the attic of some building not far from the shelter. However, it was very hard to get to Tigi, and it took her a lot physical strength, and persistence, braving the freezing weather and show, to finally save him.

There are pictures of the building, and the ladder (how she was trying to reach him and it was still too high). He was stuck somehow, and could not jump down, I do not yet understand what really happened, but I know it took a toll on Danica. It does not look that high in the pistures, but she said it was a nightmare to get him out of there. Plus, he was freezing, and starved.He was screaming too, and that was one of the reason that Danica, when she was in vicinity looking for him, managed to locate the poor thing!

The last photos are of him back home, in his warm , cosy cage, eating.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Just a few new shelter pictures . You will see Utata (with the beautiful eyes, and also like a little swirl, just after the surgery),and black Decana (in the carrier) who were two of the kitties spayed about ten days ago.

Three new kitties

One of them we showed the picture of already, and there are two more. So, these three must be caught and spayed/neutered


He hurt himself playing, believe it or not. Fell into a container that was smooth inside, could not get out, got into panic, and when Danica finally tried to get him out, hi bit her!

How the country house fixing is progressing....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleeping beauties...

Usual dinner time

The kitties

Also, today I received from Danica pictures of a new kitty that she is trying to catch, and neuter (she believes it is a male)

The rest of the pictures are of other , relatively new cats, all of them which have been recently spayed/neutered:

Danica's kitty carriers at the vet:

Help needed

Dear friends, visitors, and donors,

I am posting few pictures of where the donated country house is , and on one of the pictures you can see the additional smaller cabin, which is going to be part of the main shelter. As you can see from those pictures (Danica asked me not to post all of them for the donor of the house does not to be known, or in any way recognized through it), the small complex is very old, and pretty damaged. She has already spent much more then originally thought, and in order to finalize the place, so that the kitties can move in, she will take a loan, hoping that she can count on your help.

Danica and her kitties will be really grateful for your help.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here are some puppies that Danica found near the old country house in which she is hoping to move the shelter. They are very cute, of course, and Danica, with a couple of people - her new neighbors, is trying to find those little guys homes.

At the vet's, and Sugi

A lots of new pictures, among them for all Danica's friends and donors to see how many kitties had to go for vet's visits in the past two weeks... Danica says that basically the vet's bills are the thing that keep on breaking her budget, because they are always expected, but at the same time always so sudden, and unexpected.

The first pictures are those of Sugi, and he has really come a long way since Danica found him all burnt, skinny and scared to death.

Milance is doing pretty good, considering his situation, but Danica did not send me any new pictures of him in this last batch.

Last, but not the least: one of the most wonderful books I have ever read in my life ( and I flatter myself to be really well read) - Homer's Odyssey, by Gwen Cooper. The book hard to put down, impossible to forget. I presume for all those who come to this blog and donate for Danica's kitties cats mean something in their lives. So, if that is the case, you do not want to miss this book!