Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Nada was put down this morning. She was so sick that the vet said to Danica it was the only humane thing. There was no way they could save her, and it turned out, apart from her broken hip, she had some serious internal injuries. She started vomiting blood this morning, and her body temperature was rapidly falling.

Here is the last video made at the vet.

God bless her little kitty soul.

Friday, March 27, 2009

News from the shelter


First, little Nada was pretty sick for several days, and was running high fever, but as Danica told me two days ago, she is getting better. No news yet on how the vet will proceed with her broken hip.

Second, Danica has another kitler!!! She did not give him a name yet, but I think she will just call him Kitler. She did not send the picture to, but will, if you, Danica's friends and donors, let her know whether you think this new little guy is truly kitler that can compete!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another video

Danica named the new little one with the broken hip Nada, because she is very hopeful the this poor kitty will get better.

Here is a new video from the vet visit, and the vet says she indeed might get better.

Let's hope little Nada gets better...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video of the new one

You have to see it, actually to hear this new one, the way she purrs! Poor little thing, just happy to be safe, and free of pain (she is on antibiotics & some kitty pain killers), to be warm & fed...

New sick kitty

This poor baby has somehow dragged herself close to the shelter. Danica took it immediately to the vet and the diagnosis is that she was severely bitten by a dog or dogs, and her hip is broken.

Danica is taking care of her, until her wounds are healed and she is better so that her hip can be looked it. She is very, very sweet, Danica says. Danica is also giving her a lot of attention, petting her and ,as you can see, gave her great, warm bath! The little one did not protest.

Danica's bathing of her cats is a mistery. They never bite her, scream at her, scratch her, not even new ones.

This will cost much money (unplanned), so please, whoever wanted to donate, now is the time.

Thank you all in advance and for everything you all have been doing so far! Words can not describe Danica's gratitude to you all.

P.S. No news on Plavkan, and those people claim he just escaped. There is no way Danica can prove different.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Danica is offering a reward for Plavkan. It is 100 euros.

She can not get over it.

She entrusted the cat to someone who was totally irresponsible, and simply did not care. Or sold the cat.

If Plavkan was sold, maybe his new people will see the reward and at least let her know about his destiny.

Monday, March 9, 2009

News on Zlatan

Zlatan is not that bad at all. His leg will not be operated on, it will just have to be monitored and,as the vet said, it may heal . Or at least, become painless. He is doing fine.

Above it the picture of Zlatan and Pukilence, his beloved...Old picture, and old , sweet love...It says in Serbian: Zlatan & Pukilence, endless love...

In other news:
One of our donors suggested that occasionally I should post a receipt of the money sent to Danica - I will not do that, for several reasons. However, if anybody would like to see a copy of the Western Union receipts with the donations sent, please let me know, and I will e mail it to that particular person. I always send Danica money once a month, with my monthly donation, and donors money up to that day.

So, all of you who donated money within last three weeks, your money is still on the Pay Pal, going to Danica next month.Before that, the money was sent via Western Union on February 26Th.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Karen and all of Danica's donors and friends: Plavkan was never found. People from that area , animal lovers, organized the search, but everything was in vain.

Danica suspects, judging by everything that had happened , and all the conversations they had ( I am not bothering you with the details), that these people sell the cats!!!The reason Danica thinks this is that those same people called her earlier too, asking to adopt a cat or two, but, listen to this: the one that supposedly has a pedigree (they always asked about either Russian blue, or Persian, or some other breed).

Danica never really liked the whole idea, but this time she simply let go, because she thought she has no right to keep any of her cats if they can be adopted into a good home. As we say it: no good deed goes unpunished.

She can only hope that Plavkan was sold into a really good home. That is all she can do now.

Needless to say, Danica is still very upset, and sad. She is also overtired, and blames herself.

Zlatan, in the meantime, has a very bad limp, and the vet said that the leg is not broken, but that a nerve in the leg died (?!) She is nourishing him, and currently keeping him in the cage, to rest.

So here are pictures of Zlatan, and also a small video where you can see him, with his little hanging leg. On that video you will see another cat who looks like Plavkan, Juca Stuca, who is very sad for her lost friend.