Monday, May 24, 2010

One more issue pending

After fixing that one, Danica is hoping to be OK, more or less. Namely, the room in which she sleeps, has no proper floor, basically. It has all rotten away, and the room is extremely damp and unhealthy to be in. Naturally, the rooms in which the cats are are done properly and are dry and nice, but then it was discovered that Danica has no place to sleep, if she does not fix that little room.
She must fix it , doing the proper flooring, in the next month or so. She is hoping this is the last big problems to be solved, (big, meaning needed some serious money to be fixed). Whoever can help, she would be extremely grateful. The regular monthly donations can not be used for that, they must be used for food and vet bills.

Another nice day at the shelter

Hey, who is that?!

Danica almost had a heart attack when she saw a cat outside of the shelter, trying to get in. First, she thought it was one her kitties, escaped, but then realized: it was a local tom trying to get in!!!

Laza & Ruza

Two of Danica's old kitties, Laza and Ruza, decided to investigate some old furniture in the new shelter

Monday, May 17, 2010


...high enough for hide-and-seek...

Yard nicely divided...

...but, why? We would like to be all together and play (read:fight)


Random Danica's beauties:

Night outings

Now, when there is safety all around (mostly), night outings, games, chases, and climbs are A Must...


There is an unbelievable fight to be the only one in the gutters - perfect position, you can oversee the whole yard, and spot any suspicious activity, and you can sun yourself all day long...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Look at me

Note a natural litter box in the background

We are enjoying ourselves....

They are safe, no cars, no cruel children, and people, sunny, warm, super cozy...

Other words are not needed.Danica has poured her soul in this little shelter, and God bless her, her donors, and her sweet, sweet kitties...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Total Paradise

The latest antics: climbing the fence, going on the roof, sitting in the gutters?!

Yes, they are getting adjusted pretty well, and really enjoying it. Danica is trying to catch her breath after the move, which was, as you can imagine, extremely hard and stressful for everyone, but it will all fall into place, she hopes...