Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very sad

Danica is absolutely desperate: Plavkan, beautiful, gentle Russian blue, that she has been nurturing for years, was adopted days ago; she called today to see how he has been adjusting, and those people tell her: he is gone! She was in total shock!!! She also feels guilty.

She told me she'll go over there tomorrow and she'll try to find him. To make the things worse, it is in Belgrade, ( a good three hour drive).

The worst thing is - these people were not upset at all. They were kind of apologetic, but that was all. They could not understand why she was so upset.

She said: did I save him as a kitten and nurture him so they can just dispose of him!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Danica has received several donations, and with my $ 200., this month will bring some joy to her and her kitties.

It is very, very cold over there, and snowy, and it is very hard for her to take some of the sick ones to the vet on the bike. She told me she had to use her car today, which she rarely does, for she has no money for gas. But she had to.

I am posting some sweet photos, and few absolutely beautiful videos that Danica made of her cats. On one of the videos you will see how the cats actually enter the shelter ( through a small opening on the bottom of the door, that moves), and it looks so sweet, but at the same time little sad.

Thank you, every each of you, for everything you donate for this woman and her cause.

And here are some videos of some regular shelter residents interacting with Danica:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here are the pictures:

So, in addition to new Face, who was adopted into a happy home, adopted were also: Plavkan, and Chris!!! Very happy, loving homes!!!Three cats adopted - unheard of in the shelter for a long time!

I am adding also one of the pictures of our loving Milance, where Danica commented: He is not into trouble only when asleep!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New kitty

Another young, poor cat on Danica's back. She gave him a name: Face...He does have a prominent little face, and sad too. Mooshy sad little face...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Milance 1

Here they are : 4 videos of the little one, including a very angry trip to the vet. First, calm at home:

Not having fun at the vet (but it's for your own good, little one!)

Make sure they know how you feel!

Making really sure...

See, that wasn't so bad...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some new video of Milance coming up

I am trying to upload few latest videos that Danica made of Milance, three of them at the vet,s office. You have to see and hear how angry this little one gets!

His diarrhea is under control, which means a new surgery is coming up very soon. Danica is dreading it , because, this is going to be his third one! Too much for such a small guy.

Also, Danica said that there is news that the city of Novi Sad will start soon demolishing the part of the neighborhood where the shelter is, and making a mall!!!What will happen to the kitties?!