Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today I represent to you an artist who paints beautiful pictures of kitties. So, if you buy one of them, the money gets donated to Cat Shelter Felix!!! What a wonderful donation, what a beautiful way to help!

I am posting the text of the artist, explaining how it goes:

Hi! I am an artist who paints a lot of pictures of cats and I want to donate one to you. It is an 8x10 watercolor and ink painting, it will cost 25.00 which includes shipping, it will come packaged in protective packaging, a clear display envelope with cardboard backing. This is an Original Painting, not a print! I will send it to them when they send the money to your paypal account and you let me know the address to send it to.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visit to the shelter

It was amazing, incredible! Felix shelter looks bigger and much nicer than on the photos.The cats are simply unbelievable, they are so different, so beautiful, and at the same time you have over 50 gorgeous, interesting, elegant creatures, of whom every and each has its own personality, way of doing cute antics, way of meowing, way of playing and interacting with each other...

What shocked me is how one person can take care of all the cats?! It seems impossible, but Danica does take excellent care of them. She feeds them, grooms them, takes them to the vet when needed, she cleans the shelter every day and, last but not the least - she loves them more then anything. Danica is amazing and we can only admire.

One day, while I was there , with my son Sammy, one kitty needed to see the vet, and we all went. While I was waiting outside the vet clinic for Danica and the kitty to come out, a tiny kitten, beautiful kitten, approached me. Needles to say - it ended up in the shelter. I felt guilty in a way of burdening Danica with another cat, kitten to boot, but, we could not leave it.My son gave her a name - Negolina - since he bought earlier that day a book by Montenegrin poet and ruler Negos.

You will recognize Negolina on the pictures, she is the littlest one, and sometimes I hold her, and sometimes she sits by Sammy's pillow.

Danica says she has become a big mischief and trouble, plus, allegedly, a young male cat named Juhu - Hu can not stop staring at her, and following her everywhere.

Dear donors and friends, here is another proof that every dollar of your precious and highly appreciated donations , goes to the best cause ever! Thank you!