Thursday, January 29, 2009


Dear friends & donors,

There is a so called open group (free to everyone to join)on Facebook, devoted to collecting money for Milance's new surgery . Apparently, they will have to remove the stumps completely from the back, because it causes infections all the time - the little one is relying on them, and there is not enough muscle to support it, so the bone keeps on piercing the skin.

Of course, whoever can, may donate through this blog and I will send money to Danica - the thing is, the money that I send to her goes for the routine vet visits, and food.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello, dear friends and donors,
I am posting new photos of Danica's kitties, although I do not have news, especially good news.

In those pictures, you can see irresistible smile of the sweet Gingarello, together with his little fangs, you can see Frca playing with the phone cord, you can see the rest of the gang in the street, in front of the shelter, and also some of the kitties, including little Milance, playing with each other, kissing, cleaning and everything...

By the way, Milance is sick, and Danica thinks that since he has no back legs, his tummy gets cold when he lays down. Who could know - but the fact is he gets tummy situations all the time now.

Also, several other kitties are in constant need of the veterinarian care, and although I bought pretty big cat stroller, I did not send it yet - it is so bulky, and so complicated to mail, and, well, expensive. However, Danica told me I need to do it urgently, because she can not use bike in snow and on ice , too dangerous both for her and the cats.

She had some promises of help from Germany, but nothing came out of it, except big disappointment.

On the brighter note: as many of you saw, Danica's kitty Sneska made it on the kitler page, and Mr. Paul Neve personally endorsed her! Unfortunately, she is currently Danica's only kitler.

Thanks to everybody who donated through PayPal - your help is needed and welcome.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sneska is Danica's only kitler, and I have sent her pictures to Mr. Paul Neve, at, to put her there, if she qualifies, of course.

Other than that - brutal windy winter in Novi Sad, (very typical), very little money, and Danica slipped on some ice and fell. Naturally, she was on her way to feed some of them..

Your help is more than needed. The situation has not been very good recently , money wise.

Also, as many of you saw, and some already donated, there is PayPal now for your convenience!

Thank you!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pay Pal

Now, it should be working OK.

Thank you again for your patience, whoever wanted to donate.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Also, the best news ever!!!!

Remember Augusta & Oset - who were inseparable, and then he disappeared for few weeks!? And little Augusta started dying from sadness...

He is back!!!!

They are together, finally. Miracles are possible!