Sunday, October 30, 2011

My lonely beauty

Marka was found on the street when she was a kitten, more than 16 years ago. A neighbor brought her to me knowing that my own kitty had been stolen from my car and Marka resembled him a lot.

From the very beginning, she was quiet, shy and reserved and she didn’t get along well with other cats. All of them were hissing at her constantly and attacking her frequently and she was always withdrawing, so I had to stand up in her defense innumerable times. In these incidents, the situation could only be calmed at best and it was an uneasy truce, so she literally spent all her life alone.

She never made any friends, but she didn’t seem to care. The glint of peace and kindness still shines in her beautiful eyes…

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The best face ever

Back then when Kmeca, my special kitty, was just a few hours old, someone threw her into manhole, together with her two sisters. I took them out, soaking wet and dried them with the towel, but I couldn’t find the mother cat so I kept wandering around the neighborhood for hours looking for her. She finally appeared and took her kittens away one by one. I haven’t seen any of them for about six weeks.

One evening, all four of them came out of nowhere – mother cat followed by her kitties, all of them with their tail raised up high. They ended up in my apartment. Kmeca’s sisters were quickly adopted but she didn’t want to separate from me. She was adopted and returned twice. Each time she behaved badly, she was unbearable – meowing and crying from her hiding place. The second time I had to go and pick her up in the middle of the night ‘cause she wouldn’t stop screaming and nobody in the neighborhood could sleep. Needless to say that she was super cute when we returned home.

Kmeca is now ten years old, quite a character and very charming. She likes to sleep in weird places, buckets and baskets are her favorite sleeping spots nowadays. Her unique face and distinctive voice are easily remembered, but there’s so much more in her than she lets us see. Such an unusual kitty!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Injured kitties

Where there’re many cats, problems arise every day…
Decana had a huge hematoma on her left ear, that was operated on a few weeks ago. When the stitches were removed, it turned out that caro luxurians (proud flash) had formed, and further therapies were necessary so as to prevent possible complications. Given that Negro’s ear remained bent in half after the similar surgery, I wondered what that would look like in Decana’s case. Luckily, her ear stands upright, nevertheless the healing process is prolonged …I hope that everything ends well, it doesn’t look bad so far.
Little Esca, the protector of her injured sister, is also in trouble. Behind her right shoulder blade, an old wound was discovered, with surrounding area of necrotic tissue. Everything that had to be surgically removed was removed and now half of her fragile body is bandaged up. She’s being given injections every other day but she endures it stoically, she runs around and plays with her friends as if she were completely healthy. That kitty is a real hero! If “fortune favors the brave”, she should be OK too.
It’s getting colder every day, all the kitties are going out only when it’s sunny (on rare days of nice weather), and I fear that real problems are only just beginning…

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally enjoying life

My new cat family is like it has been here forever. Mother cat already displays all her beauty, as well as her people friendly nature and sweet, lovable demeanor.She's constantly following me through the shelter, asking to be petted and gets along well with other cats.

Her son Jaki is getting bigger and bolder every day. He's extremely curious and keeps investigating everything and anything. I'd say he's growing into quite a leader, although there's fairly keen competition for the leadership role around here.

His little sister, Ani, is still rather shy, quiet and reserved, notwithstanding she is beginning to approach me and I believe that she too will become nice, amicable kitty when she relaxes a little bit more. After all they've been through, they're doing great.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last tribute to Ruza

It's with the deepest sorrow that I inform you that my sweet Ruza passed away this morning. She was 16 years old and died peacefully in my arms. Her brother Laza and her dear friend Kmeca were by her side until the end. She spent her whole life with me and I have so many memories that it hurts to even think of life without her. I truly, desperately wish she were here. I'll keep her in my heart forever and I'm sure we'll meet again some day. May she rest in peace.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My cats and me

Here are some photos of my cats, all of them ex-strays, that are now living in my shelter. Felinologic association Felix was founded in Novi Sad, by my associates and me, a couple of years ago. The foundation of shelter took place last year, all the work is not done yet but my cats are finally safe. This shelter depends on donations entirely and now when the winter is approaching I begin to wonder how we’ll manage until spring. There are almost 100 cats in my shelter and I love them equally, though some of them are old, sick or unapproachable still. I hope that all of you enjoy their photos. If you want me to send you any information or more photos of each of my cats, please contact me at You can also take a look at my FB group Milance Cat Rescue Shelter Felix. Thanks for supporting my cats all those years. I’ll keep you informed! Yours sincerely, Danica

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gingi, my beautiful boy

It’s hard to believe that even Gingarello was thin and dirty and scared and not very attractive once, but I remember him as a little kitty crying with fear, hidden in a car engine. I found him on my way back from the vet, with four other cats on my bike, one more in my backpack and almost 10 nearby. Every time I succeeded to persuade him to get out and tried to catch him, all those cats eager to get to know him approached so he hid again. And again. And again. Finally, after an hour and a half, Gingi was in my arms, all covered with grease and dirt, horribly thin and scared still…He grew up and became one of the most beautiful tomcats in my shelter, completely aware of his wonderful look. He doesn’t pay any attention to the rest of the world, and approaches me only when he’s in the mood. Born to be a star!