Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear sweet kitties, still very, very cold, and lots of snow. Danica still fighting with the home improvement workers, and sometimes I really do not understand how she puts up with all of it. She struggles hard for her kitties.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear friends and donors,

Danica and the kitties are freezing! People who were supposed to finish a lot of things regarding heating ,stove putting, and electricity, simply did not do it yet! It is extremely hard for a lonely woman to deal with workers over there, and they simply keep on procrastinating forever, after, of course, taking advances!

Danica says she is dreaming about the spring.

Also, many kitties get colds, and if you do not help them immediately, it gets worse... Archie is having some kind of seizures, and Danica is very worried about him. He is seeing vet for that this week.

Danica is really grateful for every donation.

Thank you all.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear friends and donors,

I wrote for all of you on shelter's Facebook page Felix Mace. I am also posting the latest photos of the cats who are under different kind of the vet treatment currently, some with some serious issues, and some not so bad, thank God:

Dearest friends/donors of Felix shelter

Here is some news from the shelter: Unfortunately, the heating in the shelter has not been finished. Like everywhere dealing with things like home improvement, for some reason it takes for ever , and workers do not keep their promises, do not show up, and so on... Danica and the cats are very cold, in short.

Danica made an outside isolation of the walls, put new doors with smaller doors for the kitties, the electricity is now fixed, and she is semi-prepared for the snow which is coming these days.Actually when I talked to Danica yesterday, there was already some snow on the ground. She have some changes in number of kitties in the shelter, as you know Cekos and Smrki were adopted about a month ago, but the new two kitties came around the same time. One of them is Archi´s sister, and she already has a person who will adopt her, another baby is Cinco, the little white one, which Danica bought in a market from a man who kept her in a small rodent cage with no food and water...

Grandma Icuka left quietly, in a way she lived with Danica for 15 years. The worst news is that her big boss of the shelter, her sweetheart, her personal favourite Dodjos, lost his battle with a terrible disease. Veterinarians tried everything possible to save him from uremia, septicaemia, and kidney failure, but he simply gave up. He wanted to live, but his previous owners didn´t pay attention to his illness and his kidneys were totally necrotic.

Some dear friends from Belgrade made an event to collect help for Danica's shelter. Thanks to good organizing skills she got food, medicines, blankets, pillows, toys for cats...Thank you all again, and also a huge Thank You to all donors from the U.S. , and all over the world, that never forgot about Danica, and keep on giving donations in money , food, blankies and similar! Thank you , dear friends.

The rest of the cats are doing well, except Marka, who has gingivitis, and must go under surgical intervention on her teeth. Okac and Repic are still waiting for some extra money to go to the operation of their eyes, but Danica is hoping that she will be able to pay the operation in next month. Until next time, her kitties are sending you all lost of warm , furry hugs and wet nosed kisses!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


These cutie pies are up for adoption.

Danica is dreading the snow, because, not everything is done in the house and the shelter heating wise.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just to remind you of Archie's cuteness

And in the meantime...

... guess what: new kittens! One of them is Archie's sister (little yellow-whitish one ), and the other one is from a local market?!

Danica bought her , of course, to save her. I am sure she had some not so nice words for the person selling those kitties, too...

Fall news from the shelter

There is a lot of news from Danica's little shelter: first, the new electricity system is being put in the house and the shelter (the owner of the house is paying for it) and it is so complicated, and so slow! We all have to deal with workers doing stuff in our homes, and it is not easy! They keep on promising they will come on a certain day, and show up four days later, and so on, and so on... But, when you have over 60 kitties to take care of in the cold mornings and even colder nights, and you yourself are without proper heating ...

I am posting pictures of the works being done, and some, actually, really beautiful photos of the chilly Vojvodina's fall days, shelter in the morning mist, and cold kitties in one of their spaces, which will hopefully be properly heated soon, before the first snow falls...