Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The head belongs to little Gingarello!

Dear friends and donors,

From Danica and all the cats from Novi Sad shelter - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Click on the link to enjoy Gingarello's dancing!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Dear friends and donors,

I have opened a PayPal, as many of you have suggested. It will (for some reason), take them 3 - 5 days to verify my bank account, and then you can start using it, when you are ready to donate.I am expecting that I will be able to post it on the blog on Monday, or Tuesday.

Milance is definitely not going anywhere right now, one of the leg stumps is in big trouble. Danica is very worried whether he can make it through another surgery!

Also, couple of new sweet photos , and Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet love...

There is another video: Zlatan and Pukilence, the love of his life. Zlatan is of course , the yellow stripy one (Goldie), and Pukilence is the tabby girl, although I do not know what Pukilence means. Just a cute name, I guess...

Cats in Action

Here's a test to see whether Photobucket works with Blogger. Enjoy watching the clip -- more to come.
On this video that Danica made and Bill posted, you can see Milance playing...You will be able to clearly see how he manages to play , considering the back leggies.

The last photo is the famous one of the two kitties that loved each other so much - the sad news is that he , Oset , disappeared 5 days ago. She is not eating, Danica says, and is very depressed.

Money, as always , scarce. I have had a lot of expenses, and that is why i did not manage to send the pet stroller yet.

As to Pay Pal - coming this Wednesday! For all of you who find it much easier to donate through Paypal, I highly appreciate it in advance.

Friday, December 5, 2008

After so long....

Dear friends, Danica's computer did not work, and I had no new pictures whatsoever! It has been very long two weeks, and I was extremely busy myself. Finally here are some new photos.

Just to say that little Milance is still at Danica's - we will see what happens. There are some problems with the little one regarding his trip.But, as you may know, she does not mind.

Poppy, the gorgeous young female with rimmed eyes, got killed. Danica was very, very upset and sad.

I sent a monthly donation to Danica, because of the huge vet bills ( as you can see one of the kitties had to visit a dentist). However, now I do not have money to mail the pet stroller I had already bought. The shipping is very expensive, and it will have to wait.

p.s. The last photo on the bottom is of poor Poppy (the one with the little red dish in front of her)
Also, I know many of you have been asking about PayPal : I will have it very soon!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are some pictures of Juca Stuca back home, recovering after a major surgery.She is doing pretty good - under the circumstances.

Danica put all the white little sheets in her box, so that she can easily see if there is bleeding.

You can also see little Milance being silly, as always, and then sleeping in somebody's else box. Extra cute!

And other tenants, among which, as you can see, somebody is always in love with somebody's ears, and cleaning them...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Just the update : Juca Stuca was operated on - the vet is hopeful that it was successful, but it will take some time before we know. Danica says that it was a major surgery - they found a tumor, and took it out, and her lymph nodes. The recovery will be hard and long.

p.s. On the photos are two of the kitties - not Juca Stuca, of course. I just thought the photos are cute.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Juca Stuca has a major surgery tomorrow

Beautiful, grey female - one of the gentlest, most sweet-natured cats Danica has ever had, has surgery tomorrow. Her tits must be removed, as well as lymph knots ( that is how I understood this), and the vet thinks she has cancer, but is not sure before the biopsy is done.

This will cost a lot of money, but the vet said to Danica that her future looks pretty bright after that.

Juca Stuca was attacked by dogs few days ago, and managed to escape, and Danica noticed something wrong with her breasts then, when she was cleaning her and tending to her wounds. Danica says that it was blessing in disguise that she was bitten, for otherwise her breast problem would not be revealed.

The rest - just some fresh photos of the shelter tenants...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some news

Danica has been cut off from the rest of the world since her computer has not been working for days.

I am posting some nice & funny pictures that she managed to send me almost 10 days ago, last time the machine worked.


Milance , without back legs, has really recovered very well after his little stumps operation and is very playful . You will see him on the pictures being really silly.

The little white one with some spots (relatively recent kitten), is sick. Danica is trying, but the vet is not very optimistic. Upper respiratory infection, and she is very small, so...

Gingarello, the cute little yellow kitten - is not a kitten any longer. You will see him in the kitty chair, being fat, and eating Ajvar (!?) Ajvar is south east Europe spicy peppers & eggplant spread.

People, if anyone can give a donation - will be more then appreciated.

p.s.Believe it or not - but the last two are two different cats (Repic-Lepic and Novotarija). They are probably from the same litter.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milance is recovering very slowly

The little one called Milance who had to be operated on again - they had to cut the stump of his leg, so he can not lean against it, is having really hard time getting better. Reminder: one of his stumps was inflamed all the time, and got infected, because there was no muscle .

He cries a lot...At the vet two days ago, when Danica took him for the stitches getting out, he bit Danica really hard, while she was holding him, because of the pain. I asked Danica why did not they gave him some kind of sedation, but she said that it is not good for him to be sedated that often. So, she would rather be bitten.

The incredibly good news (if it materializes), is that he might be adopted in Germany (through a Belgrade connection). It is a long shot - but she will see.

The rest of the pictures are other regular kitties, and, as you can see, a crate full of kittens who are sick (some kind of respiratory infection).

The cost of vet bills has been putting our cat stroller purchase off. However, she will need it very soon - before the winter .