Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear friends and donors!!!

Something happened not far from Danica's shelter. There was a shelter of kitties which burnt to the ground , together with a woman called Etela and about 50 cats. Unspeakable horror. There is a link for the pictures that Danica made when she went there to see what she can do. I am warning you: some pictures are very graphic and disturbing, and, beyond anything else, saddest thing ever. here is the thing, though: Danica took already 5 surviving cats, and tomorrow is going for more. She has no choice, and they are working over there on a campaign, so to say, to spread the word so that surviving animals are taken into new homes.

The dogs are also at this point attacking cats, cause they are semi wild, and hungry.

Please help in any way you can. Danica will probably by tomorrow evening end up with 10 new hungry kitty mouths, if not more.!/photo.php?fbid=205253629503704&set=a.205253336170400.58805.100000572065633&theater