Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today's news

Danica says that Okac is sick again - probably pneumonia! He is going to the vet tomorrow. Needless to say, his eye never really healed.

The other picture shows Zule, who suddenly lost a lot of weight, and that worries Danica. Old Marponi is on his last legs , it seems.

I am sending money these days to cover at least Okac's situation.

Poor , little creatures.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The new one did not like Tabadzija

So, the new young female tabby that Danica had spayed, got scared by Tabadzija the other day, and hid for couple of days.

(Remember Tabadzija: the one that ran away from home one day, and was missing for a long time, but, since Danica found him and brought him back to the shelter, never goes far away again).

Finally, Danica found her where she had originally found her: in that little stray colony, not far away. She saw her there with two what seemed younger cats, that Danica thinks are her kids. But, when Danica started going back towards the shelter after feeding the colony, the spayed cat followed her towards the shelter, as if to tell Danica; I know where it is, and I will come back from time to time; it is just that I do not like that big Tom very much. He makes me nervous!

Danica was just happy to have found her safe and sound.

Other then that, nothing much to report, except that Danica has been pretty sick for almost two weeks now. She desperately needs a vacation, and serious rest – which she can not get.

The other photos show: Gingerello in a bag (that is where he hides, and it gave Danica couple of times a big dread that he is gone, until she discovered his hiding spot); one of the kitties that I do not know the name of, in a cardboard box, of course; Icuka, drinking from the sink, and Futka, which was found as a miserable kitten, now being a beauty, and with her tail in the water dish.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New photos and a story about a Xmas tree

I know that Karen also asked about Tufnica the other day - well, Tufnica definitely is not a tiny kitten any more, she is very obnoxious, and has become a big girl too. You will see her sitting side by side with Okac.

There is also a very cute picture of Gingerello playing with Okac, and Danica says that Gingerello learned all the dirty tricks and bad behaviour from older cats, but then made it even more perfect, with his own little twist.

Vet says she wants to start some special natural/herbal therapy on Okac, before they decide (if they really have to), on the new surgery.

It is still very cold and so windy. We in those regions (West Balkans) have an expression that says The wind is shaving...Which means the cold is so sharp, that it can shave off beard from man's face...

Danica caught cold, because she saw a Xmas tree which somebody threw away, helplessly laying on the ground. But it was a beautiful , young tree that she simply can not let go to waste, so she dragged it to her building yard and planted it!!! In this weather. She is one of those souls that can not stand a living thing to be left to die.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New pictures of old tenants...

For Karen and all our old, good friends, here are few pictures of Marponi , who is still very sick, but, thanks to Danica, still alive. Loves to sleep on the warm DVD player - and not to be disturbed.

Also, few pics of Okac, whose eye is simply not healing; the vet said he might need another surgery, and if that is necessary Danica will do it.

No new picture of Karen's favorite: bad girl called Tufnica. I asked Danica to send me a couple of latest of her, and I will post them as soon as they come.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The new one woke up

I am posting some pictures of the new cat, that Danica brought to the shelter from that small colony she found and started feeding not long ago. The new was pregnant, and was operated on. She is doing fine, although still pretty dizzy, I guess. She does not really know what had happened to her, but - the cage is big and clean, the food is nice, there is water and silence, and it is warm.
(she is the tabby one in the cage, and just after she woke up after the surgery)

Here are also a couple of pictures of where the stray colony is. Very sad, but there is nothing else Danica can do, except give them food.

It is still very cold and windy.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Few more photos

I just wanted to add a photo of a sad little dog who simply joined those cats that Danica has been feeding since recently - he decided, it seems, that he is so hungry and cold, he would just try to mix in, and maybe that human that brings food will not notice that he is a dog. Poor little thing. Needles to say - Danica feeds him too.

The other photos show a couple of black kitties from that little colony, and some tiny cat footprints in the snow.

The only thing left is hope that Novi Sad winter will not last too long.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Blade Runner City

There is a lot of snow in Novi Sad – that area of former Yugoslavia suffers from long, extremely windy winters, with frost, and bone chilling sound of blizzards. This is the time , however, Danica discovered a new little colony of the strays not far away from her home, and because of the freeze and everything that goes with it, she started feeding them, and now they wait for her, every icy evening, to come and give them something to eat...

Among those is one very gentle, sweet female that Danica suspects is pregnant, so she managed to capture her (it was not hard, because this cat , it looked, wanted to be taken).
Danica has made an appointment to have her fixed. It will cost her extra money, so every donation is welcome.

Other then that, Gingerello is still the sweetest boy among the kitties, and wants to be the boss of all! But the winter is hard.
Look at the pictures – some of them look like the city from the Blade Runner (or something like that) – creepy.

The only happy pictures are those of cute, yellow Gingerello.