Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another kitten...where do they all come from in the winter?!

Danica , looking for a lost kitty from the shelter called Tigi, found another kitten . Actually, this kitten found her, because he (or she - Danica still doesn't know), simply approached her and , Danica says, almost begged her to take him... Danica says it was painful to watch and she could not leave him to freeze to death ( it is snowing over there and is very, very cold).

The little one was fed and wamed up, and as you can see, is sharing currently a cage with little Gingerella. She does not mind - on the contrary, likes to have a friend.. Danica can not name him yet, for she does not know kitty's sex.

Fortunately - Viktor is going tomorrow to Hungary, and will bring some good, but cheap food. I sent some money today, because some nice people sent donations. The new one was given some badly needed vitamins that Frank sent.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see the vitamins come in handy. Danica and the cats can expect another package soon, along with some cash.