Sunday, November 9, 2008

Juca Stuca has a major surgery tomorrow

Beautiful, grey female - one of the gentlest, most sweet-natured cats Danica has ever had, has surgery tomorrow. Her tits must be removed, as well as lymph knots ( that is how I understood this), and the vet thinks she has cancer, but is not sure before the biopsy is done.

This will cost a lot of money, but the vet said to Danica that her future looks pretty bright after that.

Juca Stuca was attacked by dogs few days ago, and managed to escape, and Danica noticed something wrong with her breasts then, when she was cleaning her and tending to her wounds. Danica says that it was blessing in disguise that she was bitten, for otherwise her breast problem would not be revealed.

The rest - just some fresh photos of the shelter tenants...


Anonymous said...

hi i would like to help these poor cats. please contact me over yahoo.

many regards

Anonymous said...

I’m so glad to hear the operation went good and future of Juca Stuca is optimistic!!

Btw, did you see the button designs? Let me know what you think!!

button bistro =^.^=

cat said...

Moja prijateljica pomaze mackama s ulica u svom kvartu, ja hranim one koje dolaze u moj vrt.Uskocim svima s lijecenjem jer sam veterinarske struke i imam lijekova doma, pa to ucinim besplatno.
Lijepo je znati da ima jos ljudi koje se poput nas dvije brinu za macke koje nemaju dom.