Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here is a new stray, that Danica called Sugi when she saw him for the first time, because he looked like he was all mangy. When she got hold of him, and took him to the vet, it turned out he was burnt. She does not want even to think how it might have happened.

There are photos of him getting infusion, (note how his little pads are red, and also the tip of his tail that has no fur), and then Danica gave him a proper bath, because he was poopy, from fear. Never ending story on new strays, scared, wounded, hurt, abused...

To cheer up everyone, I am also posting pictures of Lizan and Okac, cleaning each other, cuddling, bonding... Very cute.

As you can see, vet bills never get any smaller.

I will keep you posted on poor Sugi.

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Lisa said...

These photos make me so happy. I wish there was more I could do, and maybe once I am working can help out more. God bless Danica, and I hope the kitties like their new home. Hugs to all of you.