Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear friends and donors,

I wrote for all of you on shelter's Facebook page Felix Mace. I am also posting the latest photos of the cats who are under different kind of the vet treatment currently, some with some serious issues, and some not so bad, thank God:

Dearest friends/donors of Felix shelter

Here is some news from the shelter: Unfortunately, the heating in the shelter has not been finished. Like everywhere dealing with things like home improvement, for some reason it takes for ever , and workers do not keep their promises, do not show up, and so on... Danica and the cats are very cold, in short.

Danica made an outside isolation of the walls, put new doors with smaller doors for the kitties, the electricity is now fixed, and she is semi-prepared for the snow which is coming these days.Actually when I talked to Danica yesterday, there was already some snow on the ground. She have some changes in number of kitties in the shelter, as you know Cekos and Smrki were adopted about a month ago, but the new two kitties came around the same time. One of them is Archi´s sister, and she already has a person who will adopt her, another baby is Cinco, the little white one, which Danica bought in a market from a man who kept her in a small rodent cage with no food and water...

Grandma Icuka left quietly, in a way she lived with Danica for 15 years. The worst news is that her big boss of the shelter, her sweetheart, her personal favourite Dodjos, lost his battle with a terrible disease. Veterinarians tried everything possible to save him from uremia, septicaemia, and kidney failure, but he simply gave up. He wanted to live, but his previous owners didn´t pay attention to his illness and his kidneys were totally necrotic.

Some dear friends from Belgrade made an event to collect help for Danica's shelter. Thanks to good organizing skills she got food, medicines, blankets, pillows, toys for cats...Thank you all again, and also a huge Thank You to all donors from the U.S. , and all over the world, that never forgot about Danica, and keep on giving donations in money , food, blankies and similar! Thank you , dear friends.

The rest of the cats are doing well, except Marka, who has gingivitis, and must go under surgical intervention on her teeth. Okac and Repic are still waiting for some extra money to go to the operation of their eyes, but Danica is hoping that she will be able to pay the operation in next month. Until next time, her kitties are sending you all lost of warm , furry hugs and wet nosed kisses!


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Midori said...

Thank you for the update and the photos! I am sad to hear about the peaceful passing of dear Grandma Icuka.

I hope the shelter will soon have heat! All good wishes for the holidays and coming new year!

Love, Midori and kitties