Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!


I was away from home for almost 10 days , visiting my husband's ill father. So, unfashionably late, Danica, kitties and myself, wish you Happy New Year, with much health and joy in the future.

I am posting couple of pictures of the new shelter being fixed, and it shows good progress, but costs a lot! Danica is worried because of it, but she will persevere, with highly appreciated help of all of her friends and donors.

Tigi is completely recovered from his bad adventure, and he rarely leaves his comfy cage (smart kitty).

Also, there is a link for a video of two unknown cats following Danica. In case you wonder, she carries her little camera with her, because she was visiting vet and she always record what happens there with her kitties. Now, these two unknown cats simply kept on following her and asking for help. And she took them both. I think cats (animals in general), feel and know Danica's heart.

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Midori said...

Happy New Year! The new shelter progress looks very good. It will be a happy day when all the repair work is completed.

Kindest regards,