Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Horrible news

Dear friends and donors,

I want to let you know that little Milance had to be put down this past weekend. In one oh his stumps the bone completely broke the skin , and when they x rayed it, they saw that there is bad infection inside , that actually went through his body. Or something like that, I am not sure yet, because Danica is so upset, and crying so bitterly, that she is really not in a position to talk now.
She just told me that the stump started bleeding, and Milance looked as if in much pain.The vet simply said that putting him down was the most humane, compassionate thing to do.

A very, very sad time for her shelter. As many of you know, Danica has been fighting for him really hard, for more then a year. She found him under a car, tiny, shivering kitten with no back legs. She nurtured him, nursed him with food, medical care, and so much love that it is hard to describe.This one year (or little more), that he had, was warmed by Danica, other kitties that accepted him, and little shelter that does impossible.

Let's remember him cute and funny as he was.


vrti said...

I am so sorry:( Poor soul, he is beyond the rainbow now.

Lizzy, mom to Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches said...

Aww, we are so very sorry to her this very sad news. Poor little kitty--that is a very sad thing, and so hard to deal with.
After all the love and care you spent helping him, too, it is doubly painful.
Know that he was loved, though, and appreciated all you did for him. At least he got a good year from your efforts that he might not otherwise have had.
Now, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, he is in longer in pain, and looks back down on you with loving gratitude, knowing you will meet again one day.
Blessings on you for all you do to help the kitties.


Ivana said...

Pocivaj u miru, Milance dragi.

shebbodesign said...

I feel very sad, I share your pain deep in my heart, My tears are falling down on my cheeks..:(
I am animal lover, and a mother of 1 year old kitty boy, Pasha..I found my little kitty angel in the street,I adopted him.. Cats are very special animals, They are the greatest teachers -they teach us "unconditional love" ... I pray for Milance, I beleive, she rests in peace...

Cristina said...

I am so sorry for this...so sorry for the humane cruelty. Milance was innocent and dear Danica a wonderful woman fighting for an innocent, precious pet fighting to survive...
In these cases I feel ashamed of being part of the human race.

Best regards and please keep on helping other cats!!!

Midori said...

I am very sad to learn the news. I am crying though I only know Milance through pictures and stories on this blog. His story was one of courage, bravery and hope, where kindness triumphs over cruelty. Milance and Danica inspired all of us to continue to believe in goodness. I will remember Milance and his story. Sending love to Danica and the Novi Sad cats,

Midori and kitties