Thursday, June 17, 2010


I do not talk to Danica so often right now, because, in the new shelter she does not have phone and Internet connection yet. Photos I am posting I received through someone else who is helping Danica.

Also, cat called Crnac suddenly died. he was not that old, or sick, so Danica was very upset, but...Nothing could be done.

Last, but not the least: you can see that the floor in the room in which Danica is supposed to live, is getting replaced, which is great news! That had to be done before fall.

Danica has received several donations in the past days, and she thanks every and each of you very, very much!


Anonymous said...

Hi from Australia,
just thought I'd congratulate you on your dedication to moggies and running the shelter.
The amazing thing (to me) is that the white cat in the first two photos above is nearly a double for my cat Pokey, he was white, with a black tail, two circles of black on he upper face and half ears, and to large black spots on his saddle area.
Two cats, 12 miles apart with similar genes!

Lana said...

I love the pictures on your blog. Keep up the good work on your shelter. We need more people on this earth with such kind hearts as yours.