Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today I represent to you an artist who paints beautiful pictures of kitties. So, if you buy one of them, the money gets donated to Cat Shelter Felix!!! What a wonderful donation, what a beautiful way to help!

I am posting the text of the artist, explaining how it goes:

Hi! I am an artist who paints a lot of pictures of cats and I want to donate one to you. It is an 8x10 watercolor and ink painting, it will cost 25.00 which includes shipping, it will come packaged in protective packaging, a clear display envelope with cardboard backing. This is an Original Painting, not a print! I will send it to them when they send the money to your paypal account and you let me know the address to send it to.


Angela Porsch said...

How nice! I just donated $25 and left a comment that I would be interested in receiving...thank you!

Midori said...

A very kind and generous artist to donate a painting for the shelter cats! And I see that another kind person has already made a donation for the painting too! Wonderful!



Anonymous said...

Angela Porsch, you are awesome!