Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby is growing

Most of you know by know that Danica has a new baby : a yellow, stripy, kittie cat boy. He was spending first weeks , after being rescued from a street, in Danica's room, where she would feed him every few hours, and keep him warm.

He is little bigger now, but , still, as you can see, can fit into Danica's sleeve (and be comfortable there)

His name is Arci, and he is little sick currently, and on antibiotics, but Danica thinks it is just the fall, changing of the temperatures, more rain, getting colder.

Enjoy the pictures of this little angel, and wish him luck.


Angela P. said...

Little Arci is soo cute! I hope he gets well soon, he is so small, he probably gets cold easy too, the poor little baby. Keep up the good work with him and all the kitties!

Midori said...

Oh the little one is adorable!!!


Midori and kitties

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet little guy. Look at that belly. Good luck with all your beautiful kitties.