Thursday, January 27, 2011

Urgent help needed

Dear donors, and friends

The electricity and the heating system in Danica's shelter are almost done, the owner of the house paid for electricity and the heating system is made on Danica's loan. That is, of course, great news, however it was preceded / followed by this: 10 kitties very sick, 7 of them peeing blood (bad, bad colds); Danica at the verge of collapsing from helping the workers, taking care of the kitties, not sleeping more then 2 hours a night. and all this at about - 15 Celsius for days, and days...!!!The reason she can not sleep is that , until the heating system is up and running, she must be up in the night several times for, the fire goes out! Also, most of the kitties were very afraid of the workers, and of the noise, so many of them opted to spend days outside (inside of the shelter was , basically , a construction site). In a couple of words: extremely hard!

Please, if you can spare some extra money, no matter how much, it would be extra helpful! The bills are coming and if she can at least have no worries about being in debt with the workers, and be able to buy enough food for the kitties, the how dire situation would at least seem less dire! The vet bills will have to be paid soon too.

Again, thank you all very , very much for everything you have been doing to help. It is impossible for Danica to express her gratitude. God bless you all, and Danica with her cats.

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Angela P. said...

This is great news that the electric is improving, but sad because 10 cats are very sick! I just sent in a donation, I pray they get better with more time, love and medical care.