Sunday, September 23, 2012

As If We Are Cursed

It is with the deepest regret and the utmost sorrow that I sadly announce the passing of my beloved little Kai. Although I knew he didn’t stand much of a chance, this feeling of utter defeat is unbearable and it makes everything seem senseless and futile.
In the very end, it appears he only made it to the shelter to ultimately die young.

Kai's foster Mom is completely shattered. She blames herself, she blames the vets, she blames the world. Although I know that everyone did everything that could have possibly  been
done, it all seems like just a faint consolation and a futile attempt to mend a broken heart. It’s unimaginably hard to accept the horrendous truth that our beautiful, gentle, special boy is gone and gone forever. This is the end of his story and extremely
heartbreaking for everyone who knew him and loved him.

Kai has been struggling with undiagnosed health problems for two months now. He put up a valiant effort and seemed to have gotten better and to have recovered twice; he succeeded in
overcoming two big crises. This last, third time, he simply lacked the strength to fight. He wasn’t even old enough to change his teeth yet…

My lovely little sweetie was already in very bad shape when he first arrived here at the shelter. We all hoped that the change
of scenery and fresh air would help him feel better. He did look a little bit more cheerful on that first day, but then everything started to take a turn for the worse. Our beautiful, sparkling, wonderful boy was just fading away slowly beside us and there was nothing we could do to stop
his illness from progressing. Oh yes, we tried everything under the sun, but nothing seemed to help. All that we could do was be there for him.

Kai passed away in his sleep, peacefully and evidently without pain, like a candle being blown out.
His death has left an ache in our souls and a huge hole in our hearts and lives... one that can never be filled. I am drained of any more tears to shed, yet the pain tears me up inside far more than it can be imagined.
Sleep tight, my little darling, beautiful in life and even more beautiful on the other side. In our hearts you’ll live forever, gorgeous, lovable, brilliant and precious, as you had always been. You aren’t brightening our days anymore, yet your memory will carry on for as long as we exist
and beyond.

You’re terribly missed, little Kai.

May peace and love enlighten your path.


Carrie said...

Tears are rolling down my cheeks. Rest in peace, sweet Kai

Angela P said...

I am crying, too. RIP Kai, may you run free over the rainblow bridge. Never forgotten, always remembered.

Milica said...

I knew that interesting little guy ... just can say it is a great loss to the world not having him here any more ... He did not succeed,despite all efforts made and the enormous energy we sent towards him. Hope to meet him again.

Dina Fragola said...

RIP little Kai. I really believe that sometimes pets are only meant to be with us for a short time. You gave him something, he gave you something back and somehow his work was done and could move on. It doesn't make it any easier though :(

Marie said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful kitten. Run free, little Kai.