Saturday, October 13, 2012

Misfortunes Never Come Singly

It seems there's a dark cloud hanging over the Felix shelter…

These last few months have been pretty grim, with too many tears, too much sadness and too much sorrow, far too much. The first to pass away at the beginning of
summer was my beloved Gingi, whose death remains an open wound that will never heal. He was followed by baby Nana, too small and sick when she was found to be able to recover, a precious little angel, gone too soon. Then a few weeks ago, little Kai, a
kitten made of pure love and light, whose life has ended unfairly and prematurely before it had even begun - he was just a baby. And now, dear Gomboc… I’ve got a feeling that all I’ve been doing since this last summer started is burying the kitties I loved so much.

Gomboc arrived at my shelter two years ago. He was rescued from a yard in my hometown after an attempt by certain people to round up all of the cats, put them into bags and take them away, which means that all of the kitties would have
presumably been killed. He was terribly skinny, but he looked healthy otherwise. Later on, it turned out he had FUS and he was passing through crises sometimes, but he used to respond well to medical treatments. He ate special urinary food, gained a lot of weight and was content and joyful; it seemed he would live many more beautiful and happy years to come. There were no warning signs at all…

On the last day of his life, Gomboc behaved quite
normally. Although his appetite was good, he didn’t fight for food like he usually did. I attributed his behavior, which was just a bit strange, to extreme summer heat. The kitties ate their dinner, the lights were turned off and we all went to sleep. In the morning, I
found him lying still on the floor of the indoor cat enclosure. His expression was calm and revealed nothing. Was it a sudden cardiac arrest, a respiratory failure or something completely different? I’ll never know.

My beautiful, lovable, gorgeous boy was
very sweet and cuddly, yet not overly dependent on humans. He was “the cat that walks by himself and all places were alike to him”. His death might seem a lonely one, but I’m sure he preferred to be on his own in his final hours, as he was never seeking comfort or help. He passed
away with dignity and I strongly hope that death embraced him easily and that he’s finally at peace.

May he run free and healthy until we meet again.

Sleep tight, my beautiful boy.

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Angela P said...

RIP Gomboc....I am so sorry for your loss. Such a special kitty.