Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deep Into the Winter

Problems are piling up…

Winter is already in full swing, but the weather is very changeable; we were literally snowed in a couple of weeks ago, and then it was pouring rain for days. After that we had some chilly but clear
weather followed by freezing rain and now it’s snowing again. The central heating is on day and night and the first tank of gas we bought back in September is close to empty; another one has already been ordered.

During the cold winter
months what scares me the most is the thought of a heavy, wet snow falling and sticking to the already rain drenched chain link fence. It will eventually reach a point where it can't bear the burden of the extra weight and will collapse. We’ve been lucky so far, as last
weekend’s snowfall melted quickly, but we can't count on luck forever and I wonder what will happen when it turns against us. The chain link fencing around the shelter has gotten loose and the posts are wobbly due to the horrible winter and huge snowfall last
year. The entire fence is much weaker, more than ever before. How this winter’s ordeal will end up remains to be seen.

The roof of the auxiliary rooms in the backyard is another matter. Completely worn out, with rotten rafters and partially
cracked roof beams, it’s still miraculously holding on, but the new snow always gives me the willies every single time, nevertheless. Our last year’s project of repairing the shelter started too late and we weren’t prepared well enough. We were trying to raise funds
while simultaneously repairing the shelter and it was a big mistake, we should’ve found a way of covering expenses before getting bogged down with major shelter repairs. Most of the unpleasant lessons seem to have to be learnt the hard way…The first time is always the hardest, no matter what we are talking about.

All of the kitties are eating tremendous amounts of food during the winter months; I can’t believe how fast the food storage empties. They have all
gained a lot of weight but their appetites are still voracious. When the weather is bad, most of them don’t even want to set foot outside, but on rare perfectly calm and sunny days the yard is full of chubby, furry creatures rolling around. Just looking at them is a pure

We are in the middle of winter now, and no one knows how bad it's going to get. If you can help us in any way possible, please do so! Your kindness and thoughtfulness will make everything a lot better and will be a great encouragement.
Felix kitties, all of them unwanted and unimportant once, deserve to have nice lives in their safe haven!

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Angela P said...

Praying that the shelter and kitties will be OK and safe. God bless all of you!