Monday, February 25, 2013

Problems and More Problems

So far, this winter hasn’t been a very severe one, although we’ve experienced some cold snaps and crippling snowstorms; we might even describe it as fairly mild, particularly when compared to last year’s winter. However, the days are short, damp and
dismal and the nights are long and freezing. The air is frigid and bone chilling and with this tricky and changeable weather not even the healthiest are feeling well. As usual, especially affected are the kitties with chronic health conditions, the oldest, and those that
have always been delicate.

With the shelter not even close to being completely fixed and prepared for the winter, back at the beginning of the cold season, we could only hope that the roof would withstand the snow load. We also worried how well the chain link fencing would hold up and that the entire building would get through the winter without getting seriously damaged. We’ve been lucky up until now, although the roof of the auxiliary rooms in the backyard has begun to leak and
the top wire mesh has dangerously sunk at one point. Had this winter been as horrible as the last one, things would have probably been disastrous.

The only cat room in the front yard is in fairly rough shape, because its roof
wasn’t replaced in time. Now there’s a huge bump in the ceiling caused by moisture and a number of cracks in the walls. All of the auxiliary rooms have originally been made of bricks and rammed earth and if we want to fix them permanently, special
nets should be adhered to the inner walls and Bavalit applied afterwards - Bavalit is a kind of mortar, a mixture of hydraulic binders, mineral aggregates and additives. Then the new insulation layer should be added to the ceiling and we would have a nice
indoor enclosure, but we still don’t know when and how it could be done.

The new roof eaves are holding up well, but attaching tarps to them to make a sheltered place under the eaves wasn’t such a good idea, because the tarps, in spite of
being weighed down with objects, are flapping around and billowing in the wind. The ideal solution would be putting in sliding lexan panels, which could be opened and closed according to the weather, but then, again, we’re facing financial problems.
The top priority is keeping the kitties safe, well fed and healthy; all the rest has to wait, but it can't wait forever. Right now, when we should be thinking about raising funds for more repairs, many cats are not feeling well and everyday visits to the
vet are inevitable and costly.

Archi has been having some unidentified allergic reactions since he's been allowed to explore outdoors, but his symptoms have usually been appearing during the spring up until now. Unexpectedly, his neck
hair started falling out a couple of week ago, for the first time in the middle of winter. He’s getting cortisone shots which will hopefully improve his condition, but the problem is we can't identify the allergen responsible in order to avoid his further allergic reactions.

Speki is coughing badly and has been diagnosed with bronchitis, while Njanja had a high fever a few days ago and is probably being affected by a virus; they are both currently under antibiotic treatment. Given that many of
the shelter’s kitties are sneezing and slightly coughing periodically, and most of them have runny eyes with dark discharge, there’s probably some sort of virus making its rounds through the shelter and it’s quite possible that more kitties will turn up sick.

Kmeca has recovered, but Marka and Kus Kus are still getting medical treatment. Vitamins and supplements for boosting their immune systems are needed and they will probably be given supportive therapy for as long as they live, as
they are both very old and with numerous health issues. They will surely need the extra care and consideration for life, to ensure that they live out their golden years in the best way possible.

With so many problems at hand, we
have to turn to all cat lovers and friends of Felix kitties. Please, help us if you possibly can! The need is great, but no amount is too small. Thank you in advance for anything you may be able to provide!


Timmy Tomcat said...

I am going to post links on my blog... Hope it gets you some additional help!
Timmy and Dad

Felix shelter said...

Thank you both so much!
Sending purrs and head bumps your way!