Monday, June 10, 2013

Beyond Urgent!

Although the weather hasn’t been the brightest lately and seems to contest that summer is approaching, it’s June already and even if the upcoming hottest season isn’t as hot as the last one, it’s still summer. Roof repairs have to start in the next two months at
the latest, if they are expected to be finished before the rain and cold weather sets in again. The roof of the entire house is in terrible shape, a section above the auxiliary room has already been leaking after every heavy rain or snowfall and it’s just a matter of time
before all of the cat rooms will end up totally flooded. The cats have been very lucky so far that the waterlogged ceilings haven’t fallen in on them.

Naturally, they don’t know their lives might change on the turn of a dime and they're
relaxed and totally carefree and living in the moment. When they are enjoying warm rays of sun, lying all stretched out or jumping around in their happy-go-lucky manner, they're years away from the everyday struggle to survive and dangerous street life
they all once lived. It’s hard to believe that their wonderland can possibly come crumbling down. In difference to us humans, they are not facing the future with trepidation and fear, not because they know everything will be alright but because tomorrow is far
beyond their imagination. Nevertheless, the unpleasant surprises might be just around the corner…

Watching from afar, there’s no need to worry - the house is old but standing, the roof is totally worn out but still holding
up, all the cats look nice, end of story. The fact that this year’s round of serious repair work hasn’t even started yet seems to pass unnoticed. On the verge of despair, with almost the entire shelter in terrible shape and more than 110 cats to feed and
take care of, I’m asking myself how did I ever get into this mess, but there is no turning back now. These last three years since I moved in have been nerve wracking and exhausting both physically and mentally and although every beginning is hard, this one never
seems to end.

The roof of the auxiliary rooms is at least 50 years old and wasn’t even built properly back then! Instead of regular roofing lumber, they were using black locust poles and although this wood is durable it can’t last
forever, especially considering the kind of work done. Photos of the roof viewed from beneath were taken during the renovation of the only cat room in the front yard. They could’ve been taken from any other auxiliary room, as it’s the same roof above them all. It’s in
the same bad shape or worse, particularly the parts of the roof that have already been leaking.

Once again, I’m reaching out to you all! Shelters and sanctuaries all over the world rely on the support of unselfish, generous cat lovers
like yourselves and Felix shelter is no exception. Even from a distance, you can help the Felix kitties escape facing the hard times they knew so well once and for all! Many of them are chronically ill, old and unapproachable and if we fail them now, they simply won’t
have another chance for a life they deserve. This is their home, on the brink of collapse, and it’s no exaggeration to say that their future is at stake! If you have ever enjoyed their photos, videos and their stories, please don’t let them down. They need you, all of 

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Toni said...

I just sent you a donation to help with the roof repairs. I hope they can start soon or it will never get fixed before winter. Wish I could send more but hopefully there are others who will help you get it done.