Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Small Step Towards the Goal

Summer is slipping by in a hurry and the roof repairs are still on hold, we simply haven’t raised enough funds for any serious repair work. The solution to our biggest problem isn't even in sight, but while waiting for a miracle which would enable us to make a
substantial change, we’re trying to solve some of the minor issues at least.

The hydrophore system started to give us headaches last summer, when it suddenly stopped working and we were left without running water in the backyard.
Scorching summer heat was threatening to dry up the plants, the food and water bowls couldn’t be washed and it was necessary to fix the problem urgently. After disassembling and cleaning the hydrophore pump, everything went back to normal, more or
less, but condensation kept developing inside the tank hole because the ventilation remained far from good. The real cause of the trouble is that the hole itself doesn't have concrete walls as it should have. It’s just a simple hole dug into the ground and the excess water
makes it muddy and wet.

The temperatures are hellishly hot already and ensuring an adequate water supply in the yard is of the utmost importance. A couple of days ago, workers began fixing the hydrophore tank and
replacing the old water pipes, thus creating a whole new arrangement of yard faucets.

Trenches for water pipes have been dug throughout the backyard and all of the kitties seem delighted with the mess. Inspecting the
trenches and rolling in the dug up soil are their favorite pastimes these days. Once the work is finished, we’ll have a new yard faucet placed in the middle of the path which leads from the side entrance to the backyard to the cats’ room, and another faucet outside of the
yard to which the water hose will be attached so there won’t be any more problems with watering the plants. We might even make our own backyard jungle at one point, a little green paradise with which all the cats will certainly be thrilled. Judging by
their behavior, nothing feels better from their point of view than resting in the shade while temperatures are soaring.

Compared to the big repair work which still lies ahead, fixing the hydrophore system may seem of small
importance, but every little step leads to another, bigger one. If the key to success is a positive outlook on things, we've chosen to stop thinking about what we are not able to do at the moment and start thinking about what we can do. Sadly, it doesn’t
change the fact that the roof repairs need to start soon or we will have no chance to fix our biggest problem before the cold weather sets in.

Please, help us if you can, in any way you can! If we fail to replace the roof of the cats’ rooms this
summer, the consequences might be horrendous! Is it necessary to have the roof collapse onto the cats before people decide to help? It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of Felix kitties are at stake! Let’s face it, we’re backed up against the wall and can't do
anything without your help! Please, get involved, there is no more time to waste!


loretta said...

Kitty Heaven with all that DIRT to roll around in.

loretta said...

Oh boy, kitty heaven with all that dirt to roll around in!!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Good Job.

Homer said...

This is fantastic!