Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Cry for Help

Don’t start something you can’t finish, we’ve all been taught. And really, what’s the point of setting goals we can’t achieve and making plans we are not able to carry through? For more than year and a half we’ve been trying to make Felix shelter a safer and more secure
place for 117 rescued kitties which consider it to be their forever home. For more than year and a half we’ve been pleading for help with overall shelter repairs and most importantly, the roof replacement. We’ve published dozens, if not hundreds of photos of our horribly
damaged roof which miraculously made it through last winter but now seems to be ready to give way at any time. We naïvely hoped that this year our biggest problem would finally be solved once and for all, but unfortunately, from where we stand, it seems quite
unrealistic that any major work can be accomplished before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

We managed to fix a portion of the roof last summer but there’s so much more yet to be done and meanwhile time’s running out, not
enough money’s coming in. Thanks to a couple of very generous donations, a few weeks ago we could at least begin to prepare for the big work ahead. A new concrete path between the front entrance into the backyard and garage has been made and
workers are now finishing four out of five new columns needed to support the new roof, as the existing supporting structure doesn't stand a chance to bear its weight. Had we succeeded to raise enough funds for the roof replacement, the fifth support column
would’ve been put in place and work on the roof could have finally begun. As it is now, we might be forced to sadly reconcile to the fact that our dream will remain just a dream, at least for now.

There are many animals in need of
help all over the world. Countless injured, sick, abused, desperate and hopeless little creatures are everywhere, waiting to be found, picked up, fed, vetted and cared for, waiting for a chance of a better life. No animal lover can stay indifferent
neither to their suffering nor to their heartbreaking stories and almost everyone is compelled to donate when faced with such sadness, cruelty and misfortune. Massive repairs at Felix shelter, although of utmost importance for 117 meows which live under the roof that
could fall in at any time, don’t seem desperate looking from afar and our photos of building materials, construction site and chubby, happy kitties simply don’t tug at people’s heartstrings.

If or when the roof caves in, the
consequences will be horrendous and maybe then, when we start posting photos of injured, mangled, utterly betrayed kitties which are drowning in despair, someone will realize what we have been talking about since last spring. Unfortunately, the hands of time can’t be
turned back and all the help we might get in such a horrible crisis wouldn’t change anything, anything at all. It will be much too late.

Is the $4,000 we need to replace the roof of the auxiliary cats’ rooms such an incredibly huge sum
of money? Is it possible that out of all the people who follow our work, who watch our video clips and read our stories, only a handful (to which we’re immensely grateful) are trying to help now that the future of all of the shelter tenants is absolutely uncertain
and things are teetering on the brink of disaster? What chances will these kitties have if their home, their haven, their entire world comes crumbling down? And it’s only a matter of time before the roof falls in on the kitties and everything falls apart.

Kind words, encouragement and admiration surely mean a lot, but actions mean much more. It’s been said innumerable times that great things usually have small beginnings and no matter how little you are able to give, it all
adds up and makes a significant difference. The future starts today and making changes begins with you! Please, hear our cry for help and don’t just be sorry, take some action!

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Timmy Tomcat said...

My you have done so much!
So much more to do!
We will get the word out to our pals.

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