Friday, June 6, 2014

Another Regal Oldie Has Found His Peace

Darkness has fallen again and all the joy seems to be gone…

There’s nothing sadder or more heartbreaking for any cat person than saying goodbye to a long time kitty friend. No matter how hard one tries to think about the good times spent
together and the many happy memories over the years full of love or the long and fulfilled life the kitty had, the final farewell hurts all the same. Maybe, in time, some comfort will be found in knowing that a beloved furry creature has had it all, but the
harrowing emptiness most of us are facing after the ultimate loss of a four-legged friend and the huge void where a strong bond with that special small someone once was, can’t be easily – if ever - filled.

The kitty squad I initially brought to the
shelter when we moved here is sadly shrinking. The years are taking their toll now and many of those kitties are already struggling with the typical health issues of the elderly. Even the lucky seniors that are not showing symptoms of any defined illness are beginning to waste away and it’s just a matter of time before they reach the point from which there’s no return. And every single one of them takes a piece of my heart when they leave…

Kus Kus, my wonderful,
precious, gentle Kus Kus has gone to the other side. He passed away peacefully, with nothing to regret, more than two years after I brought him inside fearing his time was coming and wanting to shower him with love in his final days. Despite all of the odds, he didn’t
give up when he was in major crisis but lived to enjoy every moment and make this world a better place for the next couple of years. He entered my life as an adult, with half a tail and although I have never found out what had happened to him while he was living on
the street, the most probable solution is that somebody cut half of his tail off. He was nothing but skin and bones back then, a young, emaciated, dirty tom, extraordinary and justifiably wary of people. It didn’t take him long to mellow out and become
cuddly and sweet with me, but he remained cautious and distrustful of strange humans almost all of his life, even though he used to approach the rare ones he would find likeable. He wasn’t overly friendly towards the other cats but everything changed with the
arrival of last years’ kittens that were enchanted with him since day one and almost never left his side. Little Tink continued the tradition, he was her absolute favorite - a loving grandpa which was quickly fading away…
Old age was evidently catching up with him; he had liver and kidney problems, gastritis and inflamed gums. His teeth were in very bad shape and it seemed that his entire body, so fragile and so thin, was slowly breaking down on him. He was one of those noble souls who
never moaned and never complained and was able to find joy in the small things like sitting on the window sill just looking outside. He loved snuggling with the youngsters or resting under the blanket on my bed, while his wise, never changing eyes were sparkling
with affection and gleefulness. He behaved as if time had stopped and made us believe he’d live forever…

There’s not much to say of his final days – when he began withdrawing from me and hiding in the room we all knew,
even little Tink knew that he was ready to leave. But somewhere deep inside her kind, compassionate heart she also seemed to know that no one should die alone and sat vigil with him, with suddenly acquired wisdom and serenity, while he was crossing to the other side. If he
could choose what would be the last thing he would see in this world, I’m sure he would’ve chosen her sweet little face.

Run free now, my gorgeous, my special. One day we’ll all be together again.

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