Saturday, September 8, 2007

New kitten in the shelter

The other day, when Danica was running around on the bike, doing different errands ,she got a flat tire on her (overused) bike, and stopped by an auto shop to ask them to fix it for her. While waiting, she heard very painful kitten sounds, and being what she is, looked for the source. She found a very small, abandoned kitten, all dirty, full of fleas, greasy. In a word, very sad state. Danica took the kitten, and when the bike was done, she drove the little one to the shelter.

Needless to say: flea bath, regular warm bath, rubbing it with clean blankie, food...It turned out (at least for now), that the little one , except for bad flea infestation, was not in such a bad shape. Yes, it is another kitty mouth to feed (let's not even mention possible vet bills for now), but, Danica expressed a positive attitude: she claims this little one makes up for the two old shelter residents recently killed, one by a dog, and one by car.

The good new is that her friend, and donor Frank sent a good donation today, so for now, she is covered. I am sending more in the second half of the month. Let's just hope the little one is not seriously sick, or anything like it. Danica does not know whether it is boy, or girl yet, but she calls it Alla.
Very cute.

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Anonymous said...

Alla looks like a little angel! Danica needs to work out a budget to allot money for food and shelter, and to try to be sure there is always something available for emergency veterinary expenses. I know this is much easier said than done, but every dollar counts. Like I said, I cannot wait to get some of my friends and colleagues involved in this cause.