Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bad boy came home...

Here is a little story about a young , male cat named Tabadzija: he showed up among Danica's cats around a year ago, a big, strong, nasty tom, who started bullying her kitties. She tried for days to approach him and finally managed with some extra fine crunchies.

Needles to say, the first thing she did was to have him fixed, after which he calmed down, and soon became a semi-permanent shelter resident. Then, about few months ago he disappeared. Danica looked for him for days, but in vain. She was very sad, because, she told me, he was very nice, and handsome boy who became very fond of Danica.

Few days ago, when she was biking pretty far from home, she encountered this really sad looking alley cats colony, that broke her heart. But, says she, I knew I just had to go on, because I cannot afford another hungry, or sick kitty. But then... I know it is hard to believe, but there he was, her Tabadzija...She called his name , and at the sound of her voice the cat started running to her, all skin and bones, and dirty...She took him into her arms, and he was purring wildly. She took him home , gave him bath and what not...He is slowly becoming his old self.

I could not help saying: Danica, honestly, how do you know it is him?

She said: First, I know. Second, he is fixed. How many alley cats, living in a colony, hungry and half wild, do you know that are fixed?

I was disarmed.

Of course it is him. Danica says he does not go an inch from in front of the shelter.

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