Friday, December 21, 2007

Few words before the holidays

Thank you all for coming back to the blog - it means world.

Danica is more-less good; problems are present , the regular ones (food, never ending late bills), but as long as there are no new sick kitties, it can be called a period of stability. Little Gingerello rules: he is competing with the older cats, wants to be the chief, runs around the house like crazy, bumping into things, other kitties, and Danica, hissing like little devil. And still being the cutest one ever. Danica is simply keeping him in the apartment for now, for, at this point, he can not go down into the shelter , because, those are older, more experienced cats that go out, but they know what they are doing. She will see what she'll do. In the meantime, any donation is more then welcome. In a word - it is hard, but she is coping somehow for now.

Last but not the least: Danica and all the kitties wish you very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year.

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