Monday, February 11, 2008

Sad news on Marponi

Good, old Marponi was put to sleep this morning at the vet's office. Eventually, Danica was forced to do it, because he was starting to be in pain, and simply just disappearing every moment, in front of her eyes...

She was very, very sad, crying on her bike, driving back from the clinic. She buried him under a small Christmas tree. She gave Marponi a nice, warm, safe, cozy year in which he felt loved and cared for, yet she is so sad.

The pictures are just couple of days before he died.

Good, old Marponi, he was such a fighter. May he rest in peace, somewhere, in the kitty Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously Danica is a saint, and she did all she could for old Marponi. In the end, she did the right thing by him, and when we all find each other in heaven, I am willing to bet that a young, healthy Marponi will have a special thanks for Danica.